The A. Bryantsev Youth Theatre (TYUZ)

The A. Bryantsev Youth Theatre in St Petersburg

One of the oldest repertory theaters for the smallest spectators is the St. Petersburg State Theater of Young Spectators also spelled State Theater For Young Audience Named After A.A. Bryantsev. He is called the legend of the national theater history. TYUZ was opened in 1922 by the forces of a famous director and teacher Alexander Alexandrovich Bryantsev.

Originally, the theater was located in the hall of the former Tenishev School on ulitsa Mohovaya. The first premiere of the Theater for Young Spectators was the play “The Little Humpbacked Horse”/Konek Gorbunok, which was presented to the audience on February 23, 1922. Ever since, the performance has become the hallmark of the theater, and the Little Humpbacked Horse was depicted on the emblem of the Theater for Young People.

Bryantsev developed a special theater program that defines the main purpose - the theater of young spectators was originally conceived as a theater for three generations: children, teenagers and young people. That is why the repertoire of the theater included various performances that could not leave indifferent any person from the auditorium.

In 1962, the theater was offered a new building located on Ploshchad Pionerskaya.

I must say that Alexander Alexandrovich Bryantsev was an outstanding personality. He managed to create an atmosphere in the theater that attracted gifted creative people. Samuel Yakovlevich Marshak became the first director of the theater. In addition, works of such writers as Kataev, Schwarz, Okudzhava, Pogodin, Roshchin, Razumovskaya, Oster, Entin, Bartenev and other famous writers and playwrights continue their scenic way in the Theater of Young Spectators.

Graduates of the Theater of Young Spectators were such outstanding talents as: B. Chirkov, N. Cherkasov, N. Mamaeva, B. Freindlich, V. Policemako, R. Lebedev, N. Kazarinova.

In the period from 1962 to 1986, the theater was led by the people's artist of Russia - Zinovy ​​Y. Korogodsky, an outstanding master of the national theater for children. The theater did not change its principles, retaining loyalty to the fruitful ideas of the creator of the theater.

During the years of leadership of the theater, Korogodsky brought up more than a dozen actors and directors, and managed to form a cohesive team of actors united by one idea.

Since 2007, A.Ya. Shapiro has been appointed head of the art projects of the theater, and Arseny Sagalchik has become the main director. Despite the change in leadership, the theater continues to pursue its main goal - to educate and incorporate into the beautiful young generation of viewers.

State Theater For Young Audience Named After Bryantsev is the organizer and participant of such festival projects as Rainbow in the Baltic States, Rainbow Bridge, St. Petersburg-Avignon. St. Petersburg Seasons - 2016 ”, in which viewers of foreign countries were given a unique opportunity to see the best St. Petersburg and Russian premieres in the genres of drama, musical theater, puppetry, etc.

June 1, 2014, on the International Children's Day, State Theater For Young Audience Named After Bryantsev implemented a project to create an accessible, barrier-free environment for disabled children on the territory of the theater. Mobile ramps for children with disabilities were installed in the theater. The theater creates the necessary conditions and helps young viewers to actively participate in cultural life, helps them to experience life to the fullest extent, broaden their horizons, overcome psychological barriers.

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