Fountains of St. Petersburg and its suburbs

Fountains of St. Petersburg and its suburbs

The true greatness of any city is not only in its rich and glorious history, a long list of big names and events associated with it. Other things are also important: attractive architecture, developed urban environment, various engineering structures that facilitate the life of such a complex "organism" as a modern metropolis and much more. A striking example of such engineering elements, emphasizing the aesthetic face of the city, can serve as fountains. Their modern diversity is impressive. Especially in St. Petersburg . Here you will find all kinds of fountains : street and interior, natural and sculptural, color and "singing". Most of the fountains are located in the busiest places of the city, on the way of popular tourist routes.

Fountains are a real engineering jewel of the city, uniting two elements-air and water. St. Petersburg fountains belong to different historical epochs and styles . They can not leave anyone indifferent . There are more than 60 fountains and 4 fountain complexes in St. Petersburg.

Construction of the first fountains in St. Petersburg began in 1705 in the Letniy garden. The idea of their creation belongs to Peter I. in the middle of the XVIII century fountains appeared in noble estates, located on the banks of the Fontanka and Moika. The oldest surviving fountains in the city are drinking fountains along the former Tsarskoselskaya road, which were built in the first decade of the XIX century.

Increased interest in the fountain buildings of the city was noted in the second half of XIX — early XX century, as well as in the 1930s and 1950s. Then fountains were built in the ground garden of Smolny (1934) and the memorial fountain "Glory" (Slava) "Wreath of Glory" (Venok Slavy) in the Moscow Victory Park (1949). Also, many typical fountains were built in the yard areas. Fountains of the 1970s and 1980s are inoperable. Are the fountains at the cinema "Petrel" (Burevestnik) , hotel "Karelia" and "Soviet" ("azimuth"), the hospital in the street Vavilov, Dynamo prospect and the Moika river embankment and many others.

As for the opening and closing of the fountains of St. Petersburg, they are held in traditional days. The annual opening of the fountain season is in the middle of April. The closing of St. Petersburg fountains takes place in the format of a holiday in mid-September.

What fountains, in addition to the fountains of Peterhof and the Letniy garden, are worth seeing in the first place?

About the fountains of St. Petersburg can talk endlessly. And as you can see in the list below – a lot of them:

The fountains of the Summer garden (Letniy sad):

Fountains in gardens and parks:

  • 60 years of Victory
  • Hygiene (Gigiyeya)
  • The winter Palace: a fountain in the courtyard (Zimniy dvorets: fontan v Paradnom dvore)
  • The winter Palace: a fountain in the Private garden (Zimniy dvorets: fontan v Sobstvennom sadu)
  • Boy with a fish ,the Moscow Victory Park, (Malchik s ryboy (Moskovskiy park Pobedy)
  • Boy with duck (Malchik s utkoy)
  • Monument to the dog (in the garden Of the Institute of experimental medicine)
  • Seaside Victory Park: fountain in the Central square (Primorskiy park Pobedy: fontan na tsentral'noy ploshchadi)
  • Seaside Victory Park: fountains in the pond (Primorskiy park Pobedy: fontany v prudu)
  • Putti
  • Violin-woman (Skripka-zhenshchina)
  • Glory ,Moscow Victory Park, " Wreath of Glory» (Slava (Moskovskiy park Pobedy, «Venok Slavy»)
  • Fountain in Alexander garden (Fontan v Aleksandrovskom sadu)
  • Fountain in Italian garden (Fontan v Ital'yanskom sadu)
  • Fountain in the garden of the resurrection Novodevichy monastery
  • Fountain in the garden of the main courtyard of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra
  • Fountain in the garden of the Palace of Grand Duke Alexei Alexandrovich
  • The fountain in the garden of the House of stage veterans
  • Fountain in the garden Of road clinical hospital of Russian Railways
  • Fountain in the garden medical unit № 1 plant named After M. I. Kalinin
  • The fountain in the garden of the Marble Palace (Fontan v sadu Mramornogo dvortsa)
  • The fountain in the garden of the mansion of the Countess N. F. Karlova
  • Fountain in the garden of Pediatric medical Institute "Golden boys» («Zolotye malchiki»)
  • Fountain in the garden of St. Petersburg paper mill
  • Fountain in the garden of Sangala (garden mansion F. K. San Galli)
  • Fountain in the Park on the street red Cadet (Krasnogo Kursanta)
  • The fountain in the Park Soloviev-Sedoy
  • Fountain-the cascade in the grotto (cafe "great coffee!»)
  • Fountain-drinking bowl (in the garden Of the Institute of experimental medicine)
  • The fountains in the Nikolsky garden
  • Fountains in the Park 300-children of St. Petersburg
  • Fountains in the garden of Smolny
  • Fountains in Rumyantsev garden
  • Fountains in the garden of the Institute D. O. Ott
  • Fountains in the garden of the Institute of experimental medicine: fountain with snakes (fontan so zmeyami)
  • Vodokanal of St. Petersburg Museum " universe of water» («Vselennaya vody»)
  • Eye, at the clinic " eye microsurgery»(Glaz )
  • Pomegranate (Granatovoye derevo)
  • Grotto
  • Cascade (Museum " universe of water»)
  • Swan lake (Lebedinoye ozero)
  • Mother and child (Mat i ditya)
  • Seahorse (Morskoy konok)
  • We
  • Neptune (fountain-a drinking bowl) ,(fontan-poilka)
  • Omega
  • The river of time ,the sculpture "New age» («Novyy vek»)
  • Retvizan
  • The Sun ("Dandelion») Solntse («Oduvanchik»)
  • Fountain (wall) "Stennoy" on Kamennoostrovsky Avenue
  • Fountain (wall) "Stennoy" on Moskovsky prospect
  • Fountain (wall) "Stennoy" of Chkalov baths
  • Fountain in Novo-Manezhnaya square
  • Fountain of Vyborg Palace of culture
  • Fountain on Bolshaya Pushkarskaya street
  • Fountain on Irinovsky prospect
  • The fountain in the square Sikorski
  • Fountain in Stachek square
  • Fountain on the retaining wall of the platform Vitebsk station
  • Fountain on Serpukhov street
  • Fountain on the territory of business center "Premium»
  • Fountain on the territory of the plant "ELECTROPULT»
  • Fountain with glass bridge
  • Fountain with sphinxes
  • The fountain at the business center "Kellermann Center" (factory "Pervomayskaya Zarya»)
  • Fountain at BC "Austrian»
  • The fountain at the main building b. Alexandrovsky iron foundry
  • The fountain at the hotel "Azimut»
  • Fountain at the hotel " St. Petersburg»
  • The fountain at the house of a merchant Pelevin (Yakimova)
  • The fountain in front of the management of "Vodokanal»
  • The fountain at the Kazan Cathedral
  • The fountain at cafe "Crimson sails» («Alyye parusa»)
  • Fountain at the memorial in memory of the defense of the Hanko Peninsula
  • Fountain at Nakhimov school
  • Fountain at the Federal specialized perinatal center. V. A. Almazova
  • A fountain-cascade residential complex "Mont Blanc»
  • Fountain-cascade at the monument to Dzhambul Dzhabayev
  • Fountain-a drinking bowl in the Park Voronihina
  • Fountains (wall) of the house of P. N. Demidova
  • Fountains (wall) Sevastyanova
  • Fountains (wall) of Yaroslavl baths
  • Fountains LCD № 3 " Front quarter»
  • The fountains on St. Andrew's Boulevard
  • Fountains on Moscow square
  • Fountains on Lenin square
  • Fountains at the Arsenal plant»
  • Fountains at the new building of the national library of Russia (complex)
  • Fountains at the restaurant " Waterfall» (Vodopad)
  • Fountains at the Grand Canyon: "Seasons» («Vremena goda»)
  • The fountains at the shopping center "Grand Canyon": "the World of children"
  • («Mir detyam»)
  • Fountains waterers at Bolshaya Konyushennaya street
  • Ball (Shar)
  • Yard fountains
  • Romeo and Juliet ,the Fountain of love» («Fontan lyubvi»)
  • The fountain in the courtyard of the "W club»
  • The fountain in the courtyard of the "Hospital on Prstats" (the Italian fountain of "Paradise")
  • The fountain in the courtyard outside of the Komsomol
  • Blue garden fountain
  • Fountain of the house of A. I. Stackenschneider
  • The fountain house, A. N. Pertsov
  • Fountain of house A. H. Pelya
  • Benois House Fountain
  • Fountain of the house V. I. Melikhov
  • Fountain house Z. N. Yusupova
  • Lidval House Fountain
  • Fountain house on 5-th line V. O.
  • Fountain house on Bolshaya Zelenina street
  • Fountain at home on Michurinskaya street
  • Fountain at home on Moskovsky prospect
  • Fountain house on the waterfront Martynov
  • Fountain at home on Nevsky prospect
  • Fountain at home on Novgorod street
  • Fountain at home on Stachek Avenue
  • Fountain house on the street of the Leningrad city Council
  • Fountain house on the street Reshetnikova
  • Fountain at home on Savushkina street
  • Fountain house Sevastyanova
  • Fountain at home on Shpalernaya street
  • Fountain house employees of Southorpe
  • Fountain of the house of the Worker of housing and construction cooperative partnership
  • Fountain of the house of specialists
  • Fountain of the house of insurance company " Russia»
  • Fountain of The house of F. I. Tansky
  • Fountain of House F. N. Petrovo-Solovovo
  • Fountain house E. G. Vedenskogo
  • Fountain LCD "White nights» («Belyye nochi»)
  • Fountain of the LCD "Northern Crown» («Severnaya Korona»)
  • The fountain clinic of nervous diseases, military medical Academy
  • The fountain house of the Cooperative Soviet trading
  • Fountain of the Mordvinov mansion "the girl with the pitcher and putto» («Devushka s kuvshinom i putto»)
  • The fountain of the First residential house of Lensovet
  • Fountain HOA " Drummer» ( «Udarnik»)
  • The fountains at "Theatre on Foundry» («Teatra na Liteynom»)
  • Fountains at Havana baths (Gavanskaya banya)

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