Home churches in the northern capital

Home churches in St. Petersburg and its surroundings

There are many majestic temples in the city on the Neva, but there are some that few people know about because they are under the roof of palaces and mansions. We recall the most interesting churches of the most august persons and princes.

Great Church of the Winter Palace

In one of the halls of the Hermitage there is the Cathedral of the Savior Miraculous image (Sobor Spasa Nerukotvornogo obraza), this is the renovated house church of the Romanov family. It was built in 1753–1762 according to the design of the famous Rastrelli. Now the interior is exactly reproduced here, the iconostasis was restored. Although today this house Church — one of the many exhibition halls of the Museum, you can imagine how really looked like the Imperial house Church of those times.

By its decision, the Palace Church did not meet either the ancient cross-dome scheme or the Basilica type of the temple.The architect creates a single interior similar to the palace hall. The domed pylons connected to the massif wall divide the premises into the refectory, domed and altar parts. Rastrelli carefully designed the smallest details of the decoration: for the oval church window, he performed not only the sketch of the outer platband, but also the drawing of the binding with carved details. The iconostasis he fills with the same decoration as the whole church interior. The carving and painting here merge together with the painting and modeling of the sails of the walls, and the spring arch above the altar successfully completes the entire composition.

The domes were painted by the Italians K. Zucchi and F. Martini, the altar part by D. Veneroni; modeling - J. B. Janie. Evangelists in the sails and the ceiling of the "Resurrection of Christ" in the vestibule wrote F. Fontebasso. The three-tiered iconostasis, an entrance hall and the chair according to the sketches of Rastrelli were executed by the carvers I. Dunker and L. Rolland. Icons for the iconostasis were performed by I. I. Belsky with his brothers and I. Ya. Vishnyakov.

Since by April 6, 1762, when the archbishop of Novgorod Dimitry (Sechenov) consecrated a new palace building, the decoration of the home church was not yet completed, instead of it he consecrated a temporary church in the name of the Resurrection of Christ (Voskresenskaya Tserkov). The consecration of the permanent home church in the name of the Savior Miraculous image was made on July 12, 1763 by the archbishop of St. Petersburg Gabriel.

By its status, the Great Church of the Winter Palace is the home church of the imperial family. The members of the royal family usually prayed in the prayer room, located behind the altar. Like in all the other house churches located at the place of residence of their owners, outsiders were not allowed into this church. A partial exception was the feast day, when the king invited some of the courtiers to take away the main temple icon.

The temple was a number of valuable works of art and Orthodox shrines. In the prayer room at the altar was placed an image, written in 1693 by Theodotus Ukhtomsky, decorated with a gold robe with diamonds. Later, shrines brought to Paul I by the Order of Malta on October 12 (25), 1799 in the Priory Palace in Gatchina were transferred here: the right hand of St. John the Baptist, the ancient icon of the Filerm Mother of God (written, according to legend, by the Evangelist Luke), now in Cetina (Montenegro), and a golden ark with a part of the robe of the Lord. In honor of finding these relics, the Governing Synod established a new church holiday, "Transferring from Malta to Gatchina part of the tree of the Life-giving Cross of the Lord, the Philermer Icon of the Mother of God and the right hand of St. John the Baptist" celebrated on October 12 (25) since 1800. From 1852 to the day of the holiday, the relics were transferred for a month from the Winter Palace to the Pavlovsky Cathedral in Gatchina.

In 1991, the Orthodox community was established at the church. Although the Great Church of the Winter Palace, as an object of state property, was never owned or run by the church, some members of the community insist on the transfer of the church to the ROC.

Home church Yusupovyh

In the Yusupovsky Palace there is a house church of famous princes. Its construction was led by architect V. A. Kenel, and designed it in the Byzantine style. Here were important events for the family - the wedding, the baptism of children. In 1926 the church ceased to exist, and after four years the room was completely redone for a lecture hall. After 85 years, restorers have recreated a small home temple, and now it is open to visitors.

The home church in the Catherine Palace

The Church of the Resurrection of the Lord is considered the first temple in Tsarskoye Selo. Initially, it was established as a marching church, the mistress of the palace, Catherine I., ordered the history of this holy place to be difficult, the church burned twice, and it was transferred to different parts of the palace and beyond. During the years of the German occupation, the church was used as a warehouse, many relics were lost. Nowadays, the temple is still being restored, and occasionally prayers are held in it.

Stables Church/Konyushennaya Tserkov

The Church of the Savior of the miraculous image is located in the complex of the Konyushenny yard of St. Petersburg. It was ordered to do by Anna Ioannovna in 1736. At that time the temple was intended for employees of court stables. Years later, Alexander I was buried at the church, and later - A. Pushkin. After 1917, the Konyushennaya church was plundered and later completely closed. A new solemn consecration of the temple took place in 2000. Now it is open to all comers.

Home church on Vasilyevsky Island

The Church in the name of Saint Anastasia the Great Martyr Uzororeshitelnitsy from the street is completely inconspicuous, it is in an ordinary house. In addition to worship, the church has a charity fraternity that helps prisoners in prison and cares for serious patients in hospitals. The same building houses the radio of the St. Petersburg diocese “Grad Petrov”.

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