Delvig House

Delvig House, St. Petersburg

Address: St. Petersburg, Zagorodnyy pr. 1,9

A small three-storey house, in which A. Delvig and his family lived from 1829-1831, until his death, remained to this day almost unchanged. The house is marked with a memorial plaque. Lyceum friends and famous poets - V. Zhukovsky, P. Vyazemsky, N. Gnedich, I. Krylov, N. Gogol gathered in this house. Here was published A. Delvig "Literaturnaya Gazeta", the almanac "Northern Flowers". In the absence of Delvig, the almanac was edited by A. Pushkin.

The decoration of the living room at home on Zagorodny Prospect was the portrait of A.S. Pushkin, written by Orest Kiprensky on the order of A. Delvig. On Wednesday, both Lyceum friends and Pushkin circle writers gathered in this living room: V. Zhukovsky, P. Vyazemsky, N. Gnedich, I. Krylov. The young composer M. Glinka willingly visited the house of Delvig, played the piano and sang. Among the guests it was possible to meet the Polish poet Adam Mickiewicz. Later, recalling his meetings with Russian friends, he recognized that writers in Russia constitute a kind of fraternity, bound together by many bonds.

The Delvig’s apartment also housed the editorship of the Northern Flowers almanac published by him, in which all friendly poets of literary men collaborated. Since 1830, A. Delvig began to publish the Literary Gazette, which was published every five days. In the absence of Delvig, A. Pushkin edited the newspaper. The Literaturnaya Gazeta responded to the events of cultural life, assessed the novelties of the book, led a heated debate with reactionary journalism.

Her staff - writers of the Pushkin circle - promoted the ideas of the writer's civic role, his spiritual independence. Despite the prohibition of the political department, Pushkin and Vyazemsky sometimes knew how to get around the ban very skillfully. For example, on the eve of the fourth anniversary of the execution of the Decembrists, A. Pushkin’s poem Arion appeared in the newspaper, in which the poet, associate of the first Russian revolutionaries stated: “I sing the old songs”.

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