Kolokolnaya street, St. Petersburg

Houses on Kolokolnaya street, St. Petersburg

Address: str. Kolokolnaya Metro: Vladimirskaya

The bell tower is one of those short streets of St. Petersburg, which are sometimes found in the city, are passed from beginning to end, and after a while we do not remember their names. It is clearly in the shadow of fame of the Vladimir Cathedral and the streets that connects - Marat and Vladimirsky Prospect. The once orphanage house located here and numerous profitable buildings, of course, are not able to create a noticeable reputation.

Even the historical fact that the editorial office of the Sovremennik magazine was in building No. 14 in the middle of the 19th century, and its publishers, Nikolai Alekseevich Nekrasov and Ivan Ivanovich Panayev, lived, is hardly able to make any serious changes in the current picture.

Despite what has been said, we still recommend that you pay attention to Kolokolnaya Street.

Start your walk along it from Vladimirsky Prospect on the even side. Turn over Povarskoy Lane, turn right. House number 11 on the opposite side will certainly catch your eye - and it will be difficult to immediately assess the entire amount of small details that its design is rich with.

The Kolokolnaya street can be visited as a part of a package tours.

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