Erarta Museum

Erarta Museum in St. Petersburg

Erarta Museum is considered the largest exhibition complex of modern art among private museums. It opened its doors to visitors in the spring of 2010 and was located on all five floors of the whole building on Vasilyevsky Island. The building itself, built in the style of Stalinist classicism in the early 1950s, belongs to the time when creativity, now called the modern world community, was born. Previously, it was located one of the Leningrad scientific research institutes, so the interiors had to be updated. It took three years to renovate.

About Erarta Museum in St. Petersburg

The unusual name of the museum of modern art is a combination of two words "era" and "art" and means nothing more than "time of art." Allegorical sculptures "Era" and "Art" by Dmitry Zhukov meet visitors right at the entrance.

Three whales, on which the concept of "modern art" is built by the founders of the museum: individual freedom, the original mastery of the artist, belonging to a specific time.

In addition to permanent and temporary exhibitions, visitors are offered excursions: for all age groups, for children 6–10 years old, 11–17 years old, and only for adults. Also the themes of the tours are distributed according to the levels of knowledge of modern art, starting with beginners and ending with professionals.

Exhibitions in the Erarta Museum

Modern art is represented by works created in the period from 1945 to the present time. This segment belongs to the direction of contemporary art, which, along with traditional genres, included new forms of art, including Sains and video art. Most of the collections represented are works of living authors who create their creations for contemporaries and descendants.

The museum exhibition has more than 2,800 exhibits. It contains the work of more than 300 masters. The main projects are “Russia in Erarta” and “Erarta in Russia”. This is, above all, the organization of large complex exhibitions in the museum, united according to the principle of individual regions, and the implementation of a program of outdoor exhibitions in the country and abroad.

The management of the museum in collaboration with authors, musicians and multimedia experts implemented interesting projects that in their own way bring art and people together. It:

"Sounded stories of paintings" - canvases come to life through soundtracks;
“Isoanimation” - the interpretation of pictures in the animated genre helps to look at the work differently;
“Isoliterature” - comments in the form of essay-reflections to individual exhibits provide an opportunity for a deeper understanding of the work and participation in their discussion.
The main goal of the creators of the museum is to cultivate the taste of a different viewer to what is called modern art. Among the main areas presented to the audience:

  • painting;
  • photo;
  • graphics;
  • sculpture;
  • installation

The works selected for the museum were created by their creators so that future generations could feel the spirit of the era in which the artist and his circle lived. At the same time, this work is devoid of any politics and economy, but it is filled with impressions and emotions.

The exhibition is not limited to the visual art of artists of St. Petersburg, although it is its basis. The museum monitors the works of other Russian masters and presents their work to their audience with interest. Since 2012, plans for cooperation with foreign authors have been actively implemented.

Since 2015, the museum collection is represented on the pages of the most popular Internet platform Google Art Project. Here you can see the collections presented in the Erarta Museum, individual exhibits and a virtual stroll through the halls.

Additional features

The visit will help to expand the boundaries of the visit (for a fee) eight total installations under the common name “U-Space” - unique art spaces created specifically for the Erarta Museum; productions “Why don't people fly” - an experimental multimedia performance with musical and lighting effects.

You can relax and have a bite to eat in the cafe on the third floor of the museum, where you can enjoy specialty sweets with tea or coffee, as well as refreshments with sandwiches and hot dishes. On the ground floor restaurant Erarta. Here are accepted applications for corporate events, wedding events, anniversaries, etc.

On the first floor of the exhibition wing, the Erarta Home store is located, where you can buy stylish souvenirs, reproductions of paintings, author's interior items and art books.

Erarta Museum does not apply to commercial projects. Proceeds from sales are directed to the support of modern masters and the development of cultural institutions.

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