Yard on Liteyny, 46

Yard on Liteyny, 46, St. Petersburg

From Liteyny Prospect, the entrance to this courtyard is marked by a large balcony over three arches - a high central and two small, separated by rows of columns. Now it was not very easy to get into the courtyard from the street - the tenants fenced off from the outside public with a gate and with an intercom. But it is worth making a small effort to admire the "picture of a cozy manor" (as one of the guidebooks says) and a rare double garden for St. Petersburg

The most reasonable thing is to dial in the intercom some of the apartments and politely ask to look around the yard. At the same time, it is better to refer to the fact that you came to distant lands specifically for this purpose (even if in fact you are a native Petersburg citizen in the seventh knee). You will certainly be allowed into the yard: in St. Petersburg, historically, an exceptionally friendly attitude towards guests of the city, who are interested in its sights, has been formed.

Behind the triple arch opens the complex structure of the courtyard. In the first part, formed by the five-storey wings of the house, elements of architecture and decor are used, which are characteristic of the period of the highest take-off of European culture - the Renaissance. Majolica high reliefs depict two characters of that time - Giuliano Medici and Bartolo Coloni. The company they are Minerva in the ancient helmet. For greater antiquity stylization, inscriptions in Latin were made on the building, and the date ANNO MCMXII is marked on the courtyard facade. This is 1912 - apparently, the time of completion of work by the architect Alexander Khrenov, who was engaged in rebuilding the yard at the beginning of the last century.

In the middle of the first garden, surrounded by dense bushes, there is a bowl of a small fountain (not working for a long time), and a little further, in the depths of the courtyard, a massive cast grating, stylized as the fence of the Summer Garden, separates the second garden. On his left hand there is a light manor, built in the spirit of Petersburg architecture of the beginning of the XIX century. The authors of the mansion are not exactly known, but historians believe that they could be representatives of the Benoit family. The theater department of the People's Commissariat of Education settled in the manor after the revolution. Fyodor Shalyapin, Alexander Blok, Maxim Gorky were here. Now there is a school with an in-depth study of music in the mansion, so the sounds of a violin and a piano are a natural element in the general garden entourage.

On the right side of the second courtyard is a squat two-storey outbuilding of an economic building. And in the center - a cozy garden with comfortable benches, paved with stone walkways and granite pedestals of non-existent sculptures - you can take a picture of yourself on an empty pedestal as a memorial monument. The noise of the bustling Foundry Avenue is almost inaudible, and for some time you can really feel yourself in the estate of the “Alexander's days of a beautiful beginning.”

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