The Holy Trinity Church

Address: 235 Obukhov Defense Avenue, St. Petersburg

Metro: Proletarian, Obukhovo, Lomonosov

The Holy Trinity Church in St. Petersburg

The Holy Trinity Church/Tserkov Svyatoy Troitsy Zhivonachal'noy is also referred to as the Kulich and Easter and Troitskaya tserkov. Very interesting and the history of this church. The temple received its second nickname thanks to an interesting architectural solution - according to the intention of the author, architect N. Lvov, the ensemble was built in the form of Easter dishes! Rather, the architect brought to life the idea of ​​the customer of the project - the director of the Imperatorsky Porcelain Factory Prince A. Vyazemsky.

The Church was built on the funds granted by the Vyazemskomu Empress Catherine II. During its construction (1785-1790 gg.) on this place stood his estate Alexandrovskoe. Today, the Church not only belongs to the St. Petersburg diocese, but is the center of the Nevsky deanery district/ Nevsky blagochiny okrug.

Actually the church itself imitates Easter round cake. It is a yellow-brown rotunda built in the style of classicism, decorated with a frieze. It is surrounded by a 16-column colonnade of the Ionic order, surmounted by a low green dome with a cross.

Thanks to some architectural techniques, such as the absence of a drum on the dome, the building looks much more inside than outside. It is plastered with blue color and decorated with Corinthian pilasters, above the altar we see sculpted figurines of soaring angels. All this creates the impression of airiness, and the blue dome resembles the sky.

In 1857-59 The sacristy and the porch, 2 chapels and a fence were attached to the building of the temple, which allowed to expand its area, but somewhat violated the compositional plan. In 1905, the throne of the temple was decorated with marble inlaid.

No less interesting is the bell tower, solved in the form of a narrow four-sided pyramid imitating Easter.

The building of the bell tower consists of two tiers separated by a cornice, below is a baptismal, at the top - a belfry with bells. In its own way, it is remarkable and unusual: narrow arches are cut through its walls, there is a metal fence in their lower part, and the openings are decorated with sandrik on top. Above the belfry clock dials are painted on the walls of the bell tower.

This temple is remarkable by the fact that in December 1874 the future Admiral Alexander Kolchak was baptized here. Since 1871, guardianship worked here, and in 1913, the Children's Union/Detsky Soyuz was organized at the church. Twice a week, children from the age of 6 years old gathered here for prayers and spiritual conversations.

Another interesting fact from the history of the church "Kulich and Easter": in 2010, Sberbank of Russia issued a commemorative silver coin with its image.

The fate of a long time was favorable to this temple, during the years of Soviet power, it was not destroyed and operated until 1938, then it was used as a club for 8 years. In 1946, it was renovated and reopened for worship.

But, alas, it didn’t go without losses, church values ​​were irretrievably lost, including the main shrine - the icon of the Holy Trinity/Svyatoy Troitsy, donated to the temple in 1824 by the peasants of the village of Alexandrovsky.

The blue-gold iconostasis of the 18th century was transferred from the Church of the Annunciation/Blagoveshchenskoy tserkvi, which is on Vasilyevsky Island, the image of “Joy of All Who Sorrow” - from the Transfiguration of the Savior Cathedral/Spaso-Preobrazhensky Sobor, the icon of Sts. St. Nicholas the Wonderworker was donated to the church by the sisters of Piskaryovymy, who saved the shrine that belonged to the Nikolskaya Church in Kolpino during the war years.

Here are the icons of St. Seraphim of Sarov and Nil Stolobensky with particles of their holy relics.

The Holy Trinity Church can be visited as a part of a city tour.

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