Park 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg

Address: St. Petersburg, Primorsky prospect, 74 Metro: Begovaya, Zenith, Staraya Derevnya

Saint Petersburg's 300th Anniversary Park

Park 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg- a real gift to residents and guests of the Northern capital to the anniversary of the city. The picturesque green zone, located on the coast of the Gulf of Finland, although it appeared in the city not so long ago, however, has already become for many a favorite meeting place and walks.

The park has its own sights, one of them is a monument to the famous revolutionary, born in Venezuela, Francisco de Miranda, who once visited Russia and personally met Catherine II, who had presented him the uniform of the colonel of the Russian army. The monument was donated to the city by the then leader of Venezuela - Hugo Chavez. As usual, popular rumor quickly endowed the monument with an interesting feature - it is believed that it patronizes the newlyweds. To gain family happiness, you need to rub the left shoe of the monument.

Another landmark building in the park is a granite pillar styled as a lighthouse. It is divided into three tiers, symbolizing the three centuries of the glorious history of St. Petersburg.

The park area is almost 55 hectares, there are shrubs, various trees (including valuable species), flower beds with bright, fragrant flowers are broken every year. On the territory there is a swimming pool, fountains and catering.
Here it is very pleasant to stroll slowly, breathe fresh air and just relax from the exhausting rhythm of the metropolis.

There are things to do in the park and active leisure lovers - in the summer you can play volleyball, use bicycles, roller skates and skateboards along the equipped paths. The territory is equipped with playgrounds, which is very convenient for guests with small children. In winter, skiing is popular, children enjoy sledding and slide down slides on ice-floes and cheesecakes.
The park has a nice bonus for those who need to be “online” anywhere - here you have access to free Wi-Fi.

Beach in the Park of the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg

The highlight of the park, of course, is the sandy beach. In hot weather, you can sunbathe and picnics here, although swimming is not allowed.
The beach offers a beautiful view of the bay, so this place is ideal for romantic and just pleasant walks. According to reviews, in windy weather near the bay is pretty cool, so it is better to dress warmer or take a jacket with you.

Entertainment programs on the occasion of various holidays (Victory Day, Children's Day, etc.) are organized on the territory, and the Maslenitsa and Navy Day celebrations are held on a grand scale. The territory also allows you to hold children's parties and themed workshops.

The park organizes musical concerts with the participation of stars of domestic and foreign scenes. The territory also has a venue for sporting events.

The park hosts spectacular events, such as airshows as part of patriotic events or the annual kite festival, Fly Easy!

Any person can take part in most of the events taking place on the territory of the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg. However, on days of paid events, free entry to the park is limited to certain areas. You can learn about the upcoming festivals and other interesting events in the park on the sites of city posters.

Park 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg can be visited as a part of a city tour.

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