The street of the architect Lidval

St. Petersburg street, which you will not find on the city map

The street of the architect Lidval, which no navigator will show, in reality, is in St. Petersburg. Those who live in the famous Tolstoy house will always tell you where it is - right in the yard!

When Fyodor Ivanovich Lidval was approached with a proposal to design a house on the banks of the Fontanka River, he did not think long - after all, the more complex the project, the more interesting it was work for an eminent architect, and the more striking and unusual the buildings turned out to be.

And the task was not easy - the site acquired by Count M.P. Tolstoy consisted of several parts. Narrow and long, it stretched from the Fontanka embankment to Troitskaya Street (present Rubinstein), and even under a slope.

With the help of four three-part arches several stories high, the architect divided the site into 3 spacious courtyards, deprived of the household buildings accepted at that time. Together with the outbuildings, standing exactly opposite each other, they represented a real street a quarter long.

This architectural innovation was so highly appreciated by contemporaries and descendants that, with the submission of one of the researchers, it was named Lidval Street.

Over the years, Mayakovsky, Kuprin, Akhmatova, Bulgakov lived in the Tolstoy house. And also - singers, ballet dancers, theater critics. Due to its architecture, this place has become a favorite platform for filmmakers.

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