Nereid fountain

Nereid fountain in Summer garden, St Petersburg

The fountain is located in the center of the Bosket "Krestovoye gulbishche" and is a statue on a pedestal at the feet of which water flows. It is possible to approach Nereid from the Gerbovyy fountain on the second platform . The statue of Nereid is located at the crossroads of four "covered" corridors of green tapestries, which depart from it.

Initially, in the centre of the Bosquet "Krestovoye gulbishche" was a sculpture of "Vera" is the work of Italian sculpture Antonio Corradini,who to this day have not survived. When recreating the fountain was a statue of "Nereid" by the same master from the collection of sculptures of the Summer garden. According to ancient mythology Nereids - sea nymphs, the patroness of sailors, protecting them in long voyages.

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