Fountain The Swan lake (Lebedinoye ozero)

Fountain The Swan lake (Lebedinoye ozero) in St Petersburg

Granite pillars smoothly change color from white to black. Sparkling streams of water tend upwards. Red, white and blue light bulbs flash…

A kind of fountain complex, located at the corner of Kamennoostrovsky Avenue and Malaya Posadskaya street, is a gift to St. Petersburg for the 300th anniversary of the Center for training young people in various professions in the processing of ornamental stone. The educational institution was organized at the National Union of quarries and building materials industry of France. The President of the Center announced a competition among students and staff to create an original project of the fountain complex. The selection Committee approved one of the projects, and in August 2003 the construction, called “Swan lake”(Lebedinoye ozero) , appeared on the Petrograd side.

The round bowl of the fountain, faced with dark polished granite, has a diameter of five meters. In the Central part is a kind of installation. The stone part of the building, symbolizing the swing of the Swan wing, consists of nine granite pillars. Architectural structures having a cylindrical shape, rise to different heights. Color of cylinders gradually change: white, a grey, black. The second "wing" is a jet of water, under high pressure soaring up. They also smoothly change the height.

Between the wings of a strange bird is a system of lighting. To highlight the authors of the project selected white, blue and red. According to the architects, the tricolor is the best way to emphasize the relations of friendship and cooperation that have traditionally developed between Russia and France.

Unfortunately, now the fountain complex has become a favorite meeting place for St. Petersburg homeless people. They often use the bowl of the fountain for their needs.

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