Experts found out whether the Russians were able to become those who dreamed of as a child

And what profession agree to change the current one.

Portal HeadHunter conducted a survey among Russians and found out whether they managed to get a job they dreamed of as a child. Only 5% were what they wanted, and another 17% said that desire coincided with reality in part.

The current youth under 25 years old had the main dreams of childhood the professions of designer, doctor, actor, veterinarian, archeologist. Older respondents shared their wishes differently: they wanted to be doctors, teachers, astronauts, actors, or military men.

Usually from a dream the Russians refuse, because they are changing views, or they not tried to achieve it, with or without experience to get in this area very difficult.

Respondents under the age of 25 said that they agreed to change the existing work if they become businessmen, programmers, actors or artists. The dream job for those over 25 years old remained the profession of programmer, businessman, doctor, traveler and designer.

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