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Guide For You is a private professional company that brings together some of the best and most experienced tour guides in Russia. Our goal is to provide a bespoke service, in order to give you a tour that is uniquely tailored to your interests. Our guides are dedicated to providing the very best service possible and have a deep interest in, and love for, their chosen city. By working closely with your wishes we can guarantee you a holiday like no other!

Our Guides in St Petersburg

Anna Krasnova

Anna KrasnovaMy romance with St. Petersburg is my whole life story, and it gets stronger each day of my life. I was born in St Petersburg, and in 1994 I graduated from the Department of Foreign Languages at St Petersburg State University. I took my post-graduate courses at the St. Petersburg Teachers’ Training University. My parents and grandparents my parents instilled a love of the city in me and I fell in love with it, its bridges and canals, palaces and embankments. In my childhood I liked to listen to stories about St Petersburg that my parents and then my teachers told me. I started giving guided tours as a hobby, but for the last seven years I have worked as a professional English-speaking tour guide. Whether we have rain or shine, I love giving tours, for the city is beautiful in all weathers. St. Petersburg is a city for the eyes.I adore the Hermitage and the Russian Art Museum, and I am sure that the city’s picturesque surroundings will stay in your memory forever, regardless of the season in which you see them for the first time. In St. Petersburg your senses never rest, and I enjoy sharing my knowledge and love of this majestic place with our guests.

Svetlana Drozdova

Svetlana DrozdovaMy name is Svetlana Drozdova, and I was born and raised in St Petersburg, and so have been in love with the city all my life. After studying as an interpreter at St Petersburg Technical School, I worked in a number of other cities and countries, including Germany and Georgia, but always missed Russia’s northern capital. After the dissolution of the USSR I followed my heart back to my hometown, where I worked for a while as an English teacher at a local high school. I wanted to do something that combined my love of the city with my language skills, and saw working as a tour guide as my ideal job. I have now been working in this field for more than ten years, and still love sharing my passion for the city just as much as when I started. I have met people from all over the world and from all walks of life, and helped them discover the wonders of St Petersburg!

Maria Belaya

Maria Belaya

St. Petersburg is the city where I was born. It is the city of my grandparents, parents and friends. I graduated from St. Petersburg University where I studied languages, history and arts. My education was completed by guide courses and they let me use all the knowledge I had received to become a professional multi-language tour guide. It has already been ten years already since I started working as a licensed guide in the city. I often go to theaters as well as art and photo exhibitions. My passion is travelling and I love my job because I can introduce my city to visitors and express my hospitality. I can share my feelings and knowledge about the world history of art in order to show its influence on St Petersburg. I tell my guests about the everyday life of the city’s residents; the historical events which have had an influence on the development of our city; the victories and defeats that took place in the past; and the people who changed our history, the saviors of our city and the legendary people who played a vital part in making our city a soulful place with "musical" architecture. I wish to welcome you to St Petersburg, the most memorable city ever, and I will be happy to share my love of the city with you!

Tatiana Tihomirova

Tatiana TihomirovaWelcome to the most magnificent city in Europe! I am happy to say that the government of St Petersburg awarded me as one of “The Best Guides of St Petersburg”. I am among the most experienced guides in Russia and I have been working as a guide since the end of the Soviet era. I delight in sharing the secrets that St Petersburg has acquired through its history. I am sure that the views of the city will touch all hearts, as St Petersburg is a city of islands, canals and rivers, and spectacular architecture. The best way to get to know Russian history is to come to the city that was the home of the Tsars with their opulent palaces. You will walk in the footsteps of Lenin and visit the birthplace of the Soviet Union. I am glad to share my memories of the way we lived in the Soviet Era, in post-Soviet Russia and to explain how life is for us today. An individualized visit, facilitated by a true insider, will give you the true picture and your visit will stay in your memory forever!

Elena Glinko

Elena GlinkoI was born in St. Petersburg and cannot imagine my life in any other city. The beauty of its streets and embankments give me a lot of positive energy. I will be happy to show you the places wich inspired celebrated Russian composers and writers, and maybe their energy will open a new stage in your life. I graduated from the Department of Museum Studies in St. Petersburg State University. The University gave me a vast knowledge of the history of art, culture and archeology, as well as the history of my country and my native city. I know how to introduce the museums and the all the gems of their collections. In addition to my museum study, I graduated from the Department of Foreign Languges in the same university. My second diploma enabled me to take a training course to become a tour guide, and I have been working as a guide ever since. I work as a Portuguese-speaking guide as well as a Spanish- and English-speaking guide. My job gives me a great opportunity to share my knowledge, thoughts and feelings about art and the history of my country and city with the guests of St Petersburg. Guiding for me is not a job; it is a way of life and an exciting creative process. I enjoy meeting different people from different countries. My hobby is painting my favourite city. It is amazing not only to study art, but also to create it. I will be happy to show you the highlights of St. Petersburg and make your tour exciting, lively and unforgettable.

Elena Matveeva

Elena MatveevaI was born in Moscow. My first diploma was from the Journalism Department of Moscow State University. I worked as a journalist, but my interest in history and people eventually led me toward the tourism industry, and journalism has become my side job. I have lived in Moscow for the whole of my life and I try to make my tours reflect my love and respect for the history of this glorious city and the magical energy of its solemn architecture. I am interested in reading and always try to find people who can help me to analyse the political and historical events which led to the transition from the USSR to the Russian Federation, the lifting of the Iron Curtain. I have been lucky enough to meet the participants of the Russian Revolution, veterans of WWII, and celebreted Soviet politicians. I explain Russian history to my guests through the feelings of the people who witnessed the events firsthand, and my tourists always get the “taste of the time” we discuss.

Anna Muromtseva

My name is Anna. I was born and grew up in Novgorod. I have been working as an English speaking guide for six years, but I feel that I have always been a representative of my city. It gives me great pleasure to meet people coming to Novgorod for the first time. I lead them through the fairy tale-like places of my city. Novgorod is the city which illustrates ancient Russian history and traditions. For foreign guests it is always a fascinating jouney into Russian culture and folklore. The city is proud of its museums, which are rich with unique artifacts. A visit to the city is also a dive into the ordinary life of a typical Russian town, revealing scenes hidden from the eyes of most tourists. I am always happy to meet new people from around the world!

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