The oldest market

The oldest market in St. Petersburg- Sytny market

The oldest market in Saint Petersburg is located near the Peter and Paul fortress and the city center. This market is Sytny and it is located on Sytninskaya street, 5.

In 1711, when the market was founded, this area was the outskirts of St. Petersburg. In general, the very first market of St. Petersburg was opened in 1705 on Troitskaya Square. But after 5 years, it burned down and also caused damage to neighboring buildings, and even the ships standing at the pier. To protect the city, the idea came to move the market to the outskirts. This marked the beginning of the birth of a Sytny market, which officially became the very first market.

In St. Petersburg in the 18th century, all markets selling food were called satisfying. The name has survived to this day. Even in the people, the market was called Glutton, because of the abundance of shops with hot food or satisfying, because of the large amount of flour sifted through sieves on the shelves of merchants. An interesting legend related to the name of the market is the assertion that the first governor of the Northern capital loved to taste pies there and always said: “How satisfying!”

Such a lively place became one of the sites of the city for the announcement of royal decrees, and under Anna Ioannovna it was also the place of public executions. With the development of St. Petersburg and the transfer of the city center to the left bank of the Neva, the area of ​​the Sytny market ceased to be prestigious. Around were garrisons and the not wealthy townspeople settled.

The market gained a second wind with the construction of the Trinity Bridge/Troitsky bridge, as it became easier to get to it from the center. Richer residents of the center began to visit it and in 1913 a new stone building appeared at the market, which today is an architectural monument.

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