Romanov dynasty. Who are they?

Romanovy – is a great dynasty of tsars and emperors of Russia, the ancient seigniorial dynasty that began its existence at the end of 16th century and still existing up to nowadays.

Romanovy is not an absolutely correct historical surname of dynasty, initially Romanovy leads from Zakharyiny. However the patriarch Filaret (Fedor Nikitich Zakhar'yin) decided to take the surname of "Romanov" in honor of his father and grandfather, Nikita Romanovich and Roman Yuryevich. So, the dynasty received a surname that is used up to now.

The seigniorial Romanov dynasty presented one of the most known royal dynasties in the world to the history. Mikhail Fedorovich Romanov was the first imperial representative of Romanov, and the last was Nikolay Aleksandrovich Romanov. In spite of the fact that the imperial dynasty was intermitted, Romanovy exist to this day (several branches). All the representatives of great family and their descendants today live abroad, about 200 people have imperial titles, however none of them has the right to head the Russian throne in case of the monarchy' return.

The big family of Romanov bore the name "House of Romanovs" («Dom Romanovyh») and they had a huge and branched family tree in which there are existing communications practically with all royal dynasties of the world.

In 1856 the family received an official emblem. There is a griffon holding a gold sword and heater shield in paws on Romanov' emblem. Along the edges of the emblem there are eight cutted lion's heads

As it was mentioned above, Romanov dynasty went from Zakharyiny, however it is unknown from where Zakharyiny came to the Moscow lands. Some scientists consider that the family was the natives of the Novgorod land, and other say that the first "Romanov" came from Prussia.

In the 16th century the seigniorial dynasty received a new status, having become relatives of the sovereign itself. It happened due to the fact that Ivan the Terrible married Anastasia Romanovna Zakharyina. Now all the relatives of Anastasia Romanovna could expect on an imperial throne in future. An opportunity to inthrone occurred soon after the suppression of a Ryrik dynasty when the question of a further demise was raised; the game was joined by Romanovy.

In 1613 the first representative of a family - Mikhail Fedorovich was elected to the kingdom. Romanov' era began.

Beginning from Mikhail Fedorovich, in Russia there were some more ruling tsars from this dynasty (five at total).

They were:

Mikhail Fedorovich Romanov;

Alexey Mikhaylovich Romanov;

Fedor Alekseyevich Romanov;

Ivan the Great 5 (Ioann Alekseyevich);

Peter the Great (Pyotr Alekseyevich).

In 1721 Russia was finally reformed to the Russian Empire, and the sovereign was entitled the Emperor. Peter the Great that recently was a tsar became the first emperor. In total Romanov dynasty presented 14 emperors and empresses to Russia.

After Peter the Great governed:

Catherine the Great (Ekaterina Alekseevna);

Peter the Great 2 (Pyotr Alekseyevich);

Anna Ioannovna;

Ivan the Great 6 (Ioann Antonovich);

Elizabeth (Elizabeth Petrovna);

Peter the Great 3 (Pyotr Fedorovich);

Catherine the Great 2 (Ekaterina Alekseevna);

Paul 1 (Pavel Petrovich);

Alexander 1 (Alexander Pavlovich);

Nikolay 1 (Nikolay Pavlovich);

Alexander 2 (Alexander Nikolaevich);

Alexander 3 (Alexander Aleksandrovich);

Nikolay 2 (Nikolay Aleksandrovich).

After Peter the Great 's 1 death, the Russian throne was quite often occupied by women, however Paul 1 adopted the law according to which only the apparent heir – the man can become an emperor, and since then women were not accepted on throne.

Nikolay 2 became the last representative of imperial surname. He was dubbed as "Bloody" ("Krovavyi") due to thousands died people during the celebration of his coronation at Hodynskaya Square, in a huge crush too many people died there. According to historians, Nikolay 2 was rather soft governor and he made several annoying mistakes in domestic and foreign policy that led to the incandescence of  situation within the country. Unsuccessful Japanese war (Yaponskaya vojna) and also the World War I strongly undermined the prestige of imperial family and the sovereign itself.

In 1905 flashed the first insurrection, as a result of which Nikolay was forced to grant people the desirable civil rights and freedoms – the power of the sovereign weakened. However it appeared not enought and in 1917 the revolution was brole out again. This time Nikolay was forced to retire from responsibility and relinquish the Crown. But it was not enough too – the imperial family was caught and put in prison by Bolsheviks. The monarchist system of Russia gradually fell in favor of a new government type.

In the night of July 16d to Julyd, 1918 the whole imperial family, including five children of Nikolay and his wife, was shot. The only possible successor – Nikolay's son died too. All the relatives hiding in Tsarskoye Selo of St. Petersburg and other places were found and killed, only those Romanov who were abroad managed to escape. The board of an imperial Romanov family was interrupted, and along with it failed the monarchy in Russia.


Results of Romanov dynasty government

In spite the fact that during 300 years of this family' government there were many bloody wars and revolts, Romanov dynasty government brought only benefits to Russia. Exactly by virtue of the representatives of this surname Russia finally departed from feudalism, increased its economic, military and political power and also turned into a huge and powerful Empire.

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