Climate and weather in Russia

Russia - climate and weather

Being the largest country in the world, Russia simply cannot help but amaze scientists with its climatic richness. On the territory of our country fit and the Arctic, and subarctic, and temperate and even subtropical climatic zones. And almost everywhere there is a clear division of the year into cold and warm seasons. Most of Russia lies, of course, in the temperate zone, which, in turn, is divided into four subtypes: moderately continental (European territory), continental (Western Siberia), sharply continental (Eastern Siberia and the Far East) and monsoon (south- East of the Far East).

The coldest corner of Russia is the north of the Far East, where the “cold pole of the northern hemisphere” is located near the city of Oimyakon. Just think, the average temperature in January falls below -46 degrees. But not everywhere is so cool, let us remember about the Krasnodar Territory or the Crimea, where the snow in the winter even if it falls, then it melts quickly and remains only beautiful snow caps on the tops of the mountains. As a rule, the temperature there in winter is about +10 degrees.

Summer in the country is also very different: while the heat sets in the south, in the north the snow is just melting and frosts disappear.

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