Fountain At The Kazan Cathedral

Fountain At The Kazan Cathedral in St Petersburg

Everyone who comes to the Kazan Cathedral or passes by on Nevsky Prospekt, pay attention to the large fountain that adorns the green meadow. He appeared at the Cathedral in the twentieth century. But not everyone can see another fountain-from the Western facade of the temple and Kazan street.

A quadrangular structure of granite – restrained and simple, classic in all respects… The lower part of it is a bowl filled with water, and the upper – a blind arch with the face of Neptune, from the mouth of which water flows. In a semi-circle stamped date: "1809". Yes, this fountain is a century older than the Central one. He was not immediately here, and was moved in 1935 from Pulkovo highway, where more than a century stood on the 13th mile on the way to Tsarskoye Selo.

The Creator of this fountain – French architect Jean-françois Thomas de Thomon, invited to St. Petersburg in the late XVIII century. He designed and built three fountains, which were designed not only to decorate the long road from St. Petersburg to Tsarskoye Selo, pleasing the eyes of travelers, but also had a practical purpose: to water tired horses. Therefore, these creations are called "drinking fountains". Two other "brothers" can be seen on Sennaya square and at Pulkovo hill, on the turn to Tsarskoye Selo.

Now the fountain-drinking bowl at the Kazan Cathedral has lost its utility, left to serve exclusively as a work of art. Together with a large fountain, it is first launched in April, opening the season, and the last is turned off in October.

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