The museum at the Russian Academy of Arts

The museum at the Russian Academy of Arts in St Petersburg


103 Griboyedov Canal Emb.

Closest metro station:
Sennaya ploschad/Sadovaya/Spasskaya or Nevsky proslekt/Admiralteyskaya

Open hours:

During exhibitions:
Tuesday, Thursday — Sunday: 12.00–20.00;
Wednesday: 14.00–21.00.
Closed: Monday


The museum at the Russian Academy of Arts emerged almost simultaneously with its foundation in the middle of the 18th century. The basis of the collection consists of sketches, sketches, early works of students of the Academy, famous Russian artists, sculptors and architects, as well as a collection of graduate and term papers.

A long-standing tradition of sending young artists to gain experience abroad, mainly in the enlightened countries of Europe, played a significant role in the replenishment of museum collections. The future masters, having been in Europe, brought from there not only a lot of new impressions, but also the results of their "practice" - casts of famous ancient sculptures and reproductions of paintings of medieval and Renaissance times.

The building of the Academy of Arts has the status of a particularly valuable object of cultural heritage and is fully consistent with its high purpose - the cradle, where young talents are cultivated and revealed in the best traditions of Russian and world art. It was not without reason that the best artists and architects of the 18th and 19th centuries designed, built, and decorated and painted the halls of the academy.

The permanent exposition of the research museum is deployed in the central circus building, in a concentric building surrounded on all sides by galleries, where the main halls of the Academy are located.

The first floor of a compass introduces visitors to a collection of casts made by Italian masters directly from the monuments of ancient sculpture. The exhibition occupies 33 rooms and has more than 600 exhibits.

On the second floor is the “Academic Museum”, which is a collection of paintings by famous artists who serve as models for students of the Academy throughout its existence. It also presents the work of graduates of the Academy, awarded the best awards - gold medals, professors and academic titles.

The third floor of the is devoted to architectural works - models and among which an outstanding place is occupied by models of the Academy of Arts, Trinity Cathedral of the Alexander Nevsky Monastery, St. Isaac's Cathedral, as well as a bronze model of the Lutheran Church of St. Petra.

The main halls of the Academy, located around the perimeter of the building, including Titsianovsky, Rafaelevsky, Yekaterininsky and Konferents zaly, are in themselves worthy of viewing works of art, besides exhibitions, meetings, concerts, lectures and symposia organized by the Scientific and Research Museum of the Russian Academy are regularly held there arts. The main value of the ceremonial halls is represented by copies of paintings by Italian masters of the XVI-XVIII centuries (copies of Titsian are particularly interesting) and copies of the Raphael painting of the stantsev of the Vatican Palace.

Museum-apartment of A.I. Kuindzhi (branch of the Research Museum of the Russian Academy of Arts)

The museum exposition is located in the former apartment and workshop of the famous Russian landscape painter and is dedicated to the history of his life and work. The main theme of the presented collection of exhibits is the work of Arkhip Ivanovich as a professor of landscape painting and head of the workshop of the Academy of Arts from 1894 to 1897.

Museum-apartment of I.I. Brodsky (branch of the Research Museum of the Russian Academy of Arts)

Isaac Brodsky, a famous Russian artist, a favorite student of Repin, rented an apartment in the Ploshchad Isskustv, which now has a memorial museum, in 1924-1939. The artist spent the last fifteen years of his life in Leningrad. A rich collection of works by Russian artists collected by Brodsky and everyday objects recreating the atmosphere of the beginning of the last century are evidence of those times.

The museum collection includes furniture and photographs, books and documents, as well as the work of the apartment owner himself. In the exhibition hall of the museum regularly hosts exhibitions of contemporary painters, and in the workshop on the second floor, as a sign of continuity of traditions, chamber concerts of classical music are held to this day - in the 19th century, evenings of the music and literature salon of the Wielgorski graphs were held here.

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