Hotel Trezzini Palace

Hotel Trezzini Palace in St Petersburg

Hotel Trezzini Palace has a great history, which reveals the secret of such an interesting name. The hotel building was built in 1723 and named after the main architect Dominico Trezzini. The old building is an important historical object of the city. Today the institution is a full-fledged boutique hotel, one of the best in St. Petersburg. A small territory of the hotel is saturated with the atmosphere of tsarist epochs.

The interior combines a common conceptual line of luxurious antiquity. The spacious rooms are decorated with majestic columns, ceilings of complex texture, made of wood or plaster. Ornate floral patterns are present on textiles, upholstery of upholstered furniture, the same pattern printed on the walls. Old-fashioned design did not affect the functionality of the guest apartments, modern equipment will be enjoyed by the guests. The center of the guest zone is a flat-screen TV, the bathroom has heated floors, a bidet, the main accent in the bedroom is a comfortable King-size bed.
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The guests of the Trezzini Palace hotel appreciate the high level of service, because the guest's wishes are fulfilled as soon as possible. Additional services are offered by a personal organizer, concierge, butler, and also a personal manager. For the "royal personages" are available "royal entertainment", the hotel is an exclusive service - a helicopter ride over the city. A less extreme option is shopping in the best show-rooms of St. Petersburg.

In total, the hotel in question has 21 rooms, each of which is arranged with the best conditions of comfort. All of them are divided into three categories: luxury, prime and palazzo. Many tourists who rested here say that when they get to the apartments, they involuntarily begin to feel themselves in the atmosphere of the 18th century, when balls, dinner parties and the like were arranged around, in general, everything was saturated with the spirit of imperial Petersburg.

All apartments have a rich furniture equipment, beautifully complemented by modern technology. As for the interior, it is made in the classical style, using a huge amount of fabrics, expensive wood, and painting. With their appearance, the presented rooms rather resemble palace chambers.

Among the attractions in the ten-minute walk is the Kunstkamera, and within a mile and a half are Rostral Colons, the Old Stock Exchange. A trip to the Hermitage, to Palace Square takes no more than ten minutes.

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