New Holland island

New Holland is handmade island

The goal of the project “New Holland: Cultural Urbanization” is to turn an architectural monument into a convenient resting place. The project team offers a culturally rich poster. Concerts, performances, exhibitions, sporting events, lectures, seminars, parties and much more regularly take place on the island’s territory.

How to get there

The man-made island of New Holland is located in St. Petersburg at the address: Embankment of the Admiralteysky Canal, 2. It is easy to get here from any part of the city.


The nearest metro station "Admiralteyskaya" is located 2 kilometers from the island. From the station you can walk along Malaya Morskaya Street to St. Isaac's Cathedral, then turn onto Konnogvardeysky Boulevard and go straight to the Embankment of the Admiralteysky Canal. You can walk this path in 30–40 minutes. A little further away are the metro stations "Sennaya Square" and "Nevsky Prospect".

History of creation

The island got its name in the XVIII century, when Emperor Peter I was actively engaged in the development of shipbuilding. Masters from Holland were invited to work at the shipyards. They created an atmosphere very reminiscent of a foreign port. By the 30s of the 18th century, New Holland was formed as an island (the Kryukov and Admiralteysky canals were equipped), after which first wooden and then stone buildings for the storage of the ship's wood began to appear here.

Several architects worked on the island’s project; architects Savva Chevakinsky, Jean-Baptiste-Michel Wallen-Delamot and Johann Gerard made a special contribution to the development of the project. The final development plan for New Holland in St. Petersburg was approved in 1767. On the construction of the famous arch took seven years, the work was completed only in 1777. The construction of other objects was carried out for many years, but until the end the project was never implemented (the second arch and some of the buildings were not built).

In the 19th century, on the New Holland began to appear non-shipbuilding. The most famous of them - the sea prison "Butylka", designed by architect Alexander Shauubert. With the participation of the Russian scientist Dmitry Mendeleev, a laboratory for the development of smokeless powder and an experimental basin were built on the island.

In the twentieth century, a radio station began operating on the territory of New Holland. During the Great Patriotic War, the island was badly damaged by shelling, and although it was later restored, by the end of the century it had fallen into decay again.

The idea to give the island a new life belonged to the architect Benjamin Fabritsky, who called for the use of New Holland as a monument of architecture for cultural purposes in 1977. However, the reconstruction was started only in the beginning of the XXI century.

During numerous competitions, in November 2010, the company for the restoration of the island was won by the company “New Holland Development”. The program of renewal and reorganization, conducted from 2011 to 2013, was based on studies of the audience of the object, the results of which received enthusiastic feedback on the new park. In 2016, the first stage of restoration was completed and the park zone of New Holland began to work all year round.

Buildings and projects of New Holland in St. Petersburg

The Commandant's House - the building where the island’s commandant lived with his family, is considered the most recent structure in New Holland. Until 2013, the house of the Commandant did not have the status of a monument of architecture, it was not even attributed to the ensemble of the island. After receiving the corresponding status, the structure was restored and since 2017, the Mayak School of Creative Industries has been located within its walls, in which children and adolescents from 5 to 17 years study.

The Mayak School is aimed at developing students' creativity. Here they teach the development of computer games, design, photography, music, theatrical skills and other types of art.

"Butylka" in New Holland - a round building of unusual shape, is a former prison for sailors. On its restoration took about two years. In the courtyard of the "Butylka" there is a stage where concerts take place. In the summer season, open-air verandas of various cafes and restaurants operate around the stage.

The building has four floors - each of them has its own theme. On the first are the restaurants of Georgian, Vietnamese, Mexican, European, Japanese, Israeli cuisine, as well as a burger and coffee shop. On the second floor they sell books, clothes, cosmetics, furniture, children's products and much more. At the third stage, barbershop, a beauty salon, boxing and ballet schools, cycling studio and others offer their services. The fourth floor is occupied by a design studio, archives and the headquarters of New Holland.

The Kuznya is one of the oldest buildings in the man-made island of New Holland, it was built in the middle of the 19th century. Reconstruction of the object lasted more than three years. During the reign of Peter I, there was a blacksmith's workshop here, today the "Kuznya House" club and restaurant are open in Kuznya.

For visitors to New Holland in St. Petersburg there is an information center, which is located in a small pavilion on the left side of the entrance. Here you can not only get information about the project and the event poster, but also buy souvenirs with the symbols of the island.

From the temporary buildings of New Holland, one can single out a stage where musical and theatrical performances take place, as well as various performances and film screenings.

The largest temporary facility is the Pavilion for exhibitions, lectures and other events.

For children and adolescents on the island, there is a playground “Fregat”, which is a large frame of the ship, as well as a children's playground for kids.

Mode of operation on the island of New Holland in 2019.

Please note that each object on the island has its own schedule!

New Holland Island and Information Center

Opening hours: Mon-Thurs: 9.00–22.00; Fri-Sun: 09.00–23.00. The entrance is free.

Commandant's House ("Mayak" School)

Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 15.00–21.00; Sat-Sun: 11.00–21.00. Training and master classes are paid.


Opening hours: Sun-Thu: 8.00–23.00; Fri-Sat: 8.00–02.00.


Opening hours: Sun-Thu: 12.00–23.00; Fri-Sat: 12.00-until the last guest. The restaurant’s menu is available on the New Holland website.

Children's playground "Frigate"

Opening hours: daily from 10.30 until dusk. The entrance is free.

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