The Siege of Leningrad Museum

Adress: Solyanoy lane, 9

Metro: Chernyshevskaya, Gostiny Dvor, Nevsky Prospect

The Siege of Leningrad Museum, St. Petersburg

The Siege of Leningrad Museum is a special place among the museums of St. Petersburg. This is a museum of real achievement, unbearable pain and inhuman suffering. From many exhibits and the realization of what was happening then, during the fierce winter of forty-second, the blood would freeze and the heart would shrink. But this museum, of course, must be visited by all. To remember and know what the greatest feat ordinary people of Leningrad and those who were with them on the road of life could accomplish.

Such a young city as St. Petersburg had a real test in the last century. Over the past century, he happened to see famine, civil war, revolution, blockade, and even Stalin’s terror.

Of course, the most terrible event for the city on the Neva is the 872-day blockade, during which many people died. Those who managed to survive decided to perpetuate the memory of those terrible days, to the edification of their descendants. That is why the “Blockade Museum” was opened in the city, which is located in the building of the Handicraft Museum, which was built in 1901-03 and was one of the buildings of the Salt Town.

Of course, the Siege of Leningrad Museum cannot be put on a par with the Russian Museum or, for example, with the Museum of the Arctic and Antarctic. This is a museum of a completely different kind than everyone else.

The interior of the museum is designed in the spirit of social realism. So, already at the entrance of visitors meets the portrait of Stalin. Below, on the first floor of the complex, you can see the exposition of besieged diaries, paintings by artists who worked in besieged Leningrad, photos of participants in the battle for the city. The exhibition plunges even the most inveterate cynics into shock. It is impossible to describe in any words what a person feels when he comes here for the first time. The second part of the exhibition tells about the air defense of Leningrad, about how people who suffer from hunger survived and even worked during the blockade.

The museum does not occupy such a large space, but the capacity and fullness of the exhibits, things, facts is enormous!

The museum covers all sides of the blockade, both military operations in the ring and life inside the city.

The central part of the museum is devoted to a detailed story about the Road of life/Doroga Zhizni, battles and a long-awaited breakthrough. The maps clearly show the location of the troops, their actions and results.

However, the feat of the people who beat off the artillery quarters every day and working in the rear, producing shells and assisting wounded soldiers, is not comparable with anything. All this was done in an extreme degree of exhaustion and exhaustion. The most difficult for perception, of course, is the "children's unit"/ "Detsky Blok". The diaries of children, in which the names of those who died of hunger and cold neighbors gradually fit into the children's pen, will not leave anyone indifferent. In the same part of the museum, the simple toys of children of those years are shown, their school life and what they helped the front.

We will immediately say that out of almost 1.5 million people who were awarded the medal "For the Defense of Leningrad", 150,000 were children and teenagers. And these are only those who took an active part in helping the front, and how many children helped clean the streets, dismantle rubble, and carry water.

And the history of the Museum itself was very difficult. Not once he and the local residents supporting the institution were subjected to repression. So, in March 1953, the blockade Museum was closed on the "Leningrad case". And only in September 1989, he was open to tourists thanks to the efforts of veterans and blockade who defended his right to exist for many years.

To date, the museum has more than 50 thousand exhibits. And this is not only things and weapons. It is also a huge number of photos, scrapbooks of articles, posters, campaigns and thematic drawings.

A hike in the blockade museum of Leningrad will not bring you positive emotions and a sweet aftertaste, but this is a place where not only schoolchildren should go and not just before the holiday of May 9th. The Siege of Leningrad Museum is a story that should not be forgotten.

The Siege of Leningrad Museum can be visited as a part of a private tours or shore excursions.

Museum official website - http://blokadamus.ru/

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