Lahta Center

Lahta Center in St Petersburg

How to get to Lakhta Center in St. Petersburg

Metro st. "Begovaya"
Bus stop "The 15th km of Lakhta" - № 101, 101a, 110, 211, 216
Stop route taxi“The 15th km of Lakhta” - № 206, 210, 232, 305, 305а, 400, 405, 417, 425.

One of the tallest buildings in Russia and Europe - the modern skyscraper Lakhta Center - is located in the Primorsky district of St. Petersburg. Its construction began in 2012, the building was commissioned in 2018, and the opening of the Lakhta Center is scheduled for the end of 2019. In addition to Gazprom’s headquarters, there will be offices, a science and business center, an amphitheater, a sports club and other infrastructure. The main highlight of the tower will be the observation deck, which offers a panorama of St. Petersburg and the Gulf of Finland. The cost of Lakhta Center is estimated at $ 2.5 billion.

Lakhta Center Height

  • Height (with a spire) - 462 meters.
  • The height of the spire is almost 118 meters.

The skyscraper was the tallest building in St. Petersburg. It can be seen even from the historic center, from the Neva embankment. Among the high buildings of Russia, the tower of the Lakhta Center is second only to the Ostankino television tower.

Observation deck Lakhta Center

The most expected object of the complex is the observation platform, which will be located at an altitude of 360 meters, on the top floor. This will be a panoramic platform with a 360 ° viewing angle and with telescopes for a detailed view. High-speed elevators will operate to lift visitors. It is planned that the observation deck of Lakhta Center will become one of the most popular tourist attractions of the city.

Webcam Lakhta Center

At the moment, a webcam is installed at the level of the observation deck, which broadcasts the panorama of St. Petersburg and the Gulf of Finland in real time. You can see the popular sights of the city - the Park named after the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg, the Gazprom Arena stadium, the Yacht Bridge, the Elagin Island and other objects.

Floor plan and architecture

In connection with the wide media coverage of the construction of this facility, many are interested in the question “how many floors are there in Lakhta Center and what will be there?”. According to the project, the tower has 87 floors, and the total area of ​​the premises is 400 thousand square meters, of which offices defined - 130 thousand square meters. To move between floors, it is planned to launch almost 40 elevators. In addition to the main building, the complex includes two more buildings, which are located on either side of the tower. Their height varies from 22 to 85 meters.

Project Lakhta Center

In addition to the observation deck and the headquarters of Gazprom, the complex will house the following facilities:

  • Panoramic restaurant Lakhta Center. The halls will be located on the 75th and 76th floors (about 320 meters high). This will be a pleasant alternative viewing platform. Following the results of the selection of applicants for the creation of a restaurant, in early 2019 the management company announced the winner. They were famous Russian football players - the Berezutsky brothers, who proposed the concept of a restaurant of Russian cuisine, the basis of which will be Russian-made products and unique recipes from all over the country.
  • Multifunctional hall - a transformer and a congress center. A unique feature of this room is that, if necessary, it can be divided into two rooms. This is the first such facility in St. Petersburg. The arrangement of the seats and the configuration of the scene may vary according to the format of the event. It is planned that concerts, performances, fashion shows and other events will be held in the transformer hall.
  • Scientific and educational center. The main task of the scientific center will be the popularization of science among the population. The center will be open to a wide audience, educational events will be held here - lectures, exhibitions. The area for exposure reaches 7000 square meters.
  • Medical Center. The treatment and diagnostic complex Lakhta Center is designed to provide services to residents of the Primorsky district of St. Petersburg. Equipped with the most modern equipment, the medical center will provide dental, therapeutic, surgical and other services.
  • Sports complex. In Lakhta Center it is planned to create a large sports center with an area of ​​4,600 square meters. Here will be located gyms, halls of group classes, swimming pools, relaxation centers and rehabilitation.
  • Atrium, trading floors, expositions. For office workers and visitors to the skyscraper, there will be exhibition halls for art objects and works of art, a multimedia room, as well as cafes, canteens and shops.
  • Offices. The management company offers for rent offices ranging from 650 to 2100 square meters. Detailed information from the administration, contacts can be found on the official website of Lakhta Center.

At the foot of the tower, on the territory overlooking the bay, it is planned to build an amphitheater. Designed for 2000 places, the object will be the first in St. Petersburg construction of this type. The amphitheater is oriented towards the sea; according to the architect’s plan, the scene can be water or a coastal strip.

Architectural solution

Since the building of Lakhta Center has an extreme height, during the development of the project and construction much attention was paid to the stability and safety of the structure. The main tower has a central core of reinforced concrete, within which are the most important communications and security zones. The foundation of a skyscraper is on 2080 piles, and the floors and columns are made of metal and concrete.

The architectural concept of Lakhta Center was developed by RMJM in 2011. According to the authors, the skyscraper's outlines fit perfectly into the landscape of St. Petersburg and are harmoniously combined with the spiers and domes of the Peter and Paul Cathedral.

The glazing of Lakhta Center is made without joints, which makes the building light - smooth walls of the facade reflect water and clouds.

How to get to Lakhta Center in St. Petersburg

In the project of construction much attention is paid to transport accessibility. For motorists it is planned to build a spacious parking lot, as well as a new junction on the Primorskoe highway. The new scheme of traffic will be implemented after the delivery of the object. Details - on the official site.

Metro at Lakhta Center

The nearest metro station "Begovaya" is within walking distance from the skyscraper. The walk will take about 20 minutes, but while the tower is not working, you can admire it from the territory of the Park of the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg.

The authorities are planning to build a new metro station, Lakhta. The project is included in the development plan of the metro until 2025.

Ground transportation

Near Lakhta Center there is a public transport stop - “15th km of Lakhta”. There are buses number 101, 101a, 110, 211, 216 and minibuses number 206, 210, 232, 305, 305a, 400, 405, 417, 425.

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