Fountain Violin-woman (Skripka-zhenshchina)

Fountain Violin-woman (Skripka-zhenshchina) in St Petersburg

The name is very original, but it's true. This unusual fountain is located on Kamenoostrovsky Avenue, between the houses 26-28 and 32.

This is a modern square of composer Andrei Petrov. Here are scattered unusual type of violin, there are seven of them, they all symbolize the attitude to music, among them there is the main and the highest sculpture of the violin - a woman. It is a symbol of the composer's inspiration. The female violin is a sculpture that adorns a small fountain. Round granite bowl at the edge has two low round podium, one of them says - "Violin-woman" and is the sculpture itself - elongated high figure of the violin in the form of a female silhouette.

The sculptural collection "Pervaya skripka" includes eight sculptures (bronze, patina, height 1.1 m. to 2.3 m) - the artistic symbols of the mission of the Composer, "the Violin Is an Apple" (Skripka – Yabloko) as a symbol of the temptations of music, "Violin-Slipper" (Skripka-Tufelka) - a symbol of musical experiment, "the Violin Woman" "Skripka-zhenshchina" ("Muse of the composer" "Muza kompozitora") is a symbol of inspiration, "Violin Chair" "Skripka-Kreslo" ("the throne of the Composer" "Tron Kompozitora") is a symbol of musical pauses, "Violin-Swan" "Skripka-Lebed" ("Requiem") - the symbol of musical perfection "Violin-Gramophone" (Skripka-Grammofon)- a symbol of classical music and two identical sculpture "Violin-Sphinx" (Skripka-Sfinks) is a symbol of protection of musical heritage.

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