Museum «Grand Maket Rossiya»

Museum «Grand Maket Rossiya» in St. Petersburg

Address: St. Petersburg, Tzvetochnaya ul.,16

Working time: Monday - Sunday: 10:00 - 20:00
Ticket office closes at 19:15

The meticulous work on the creation of Russia in miniature has been going on for five years. More than a hundred highly qualified specialists were attracted to the implementation of this project. Worked artists, architects, electronics engineers. The first step was to install a giant support frame, on which the foundations for future highways and railways were laid. After that, work began on the creation of the main elements of the landscape. Then, above the wooden supporting ribs, they pulled a metal grid, which served as the basis for various relief elements. And after it began to build from gypsum (it took 11 tons!) Hills and mountains, river beds and valleys. Over each square meter of artificial landscape, the work went on for about a month.

Then the decorators began to work. They covered the meadows with grass and flowers, “planted” miniature trees in the forests and parks. Nearly 40,000 sunflowers had to be planted on one of the fields "near Rostov"! At the same time, the architects also worked, building houses and factories, roads and bridges. At the final stage, electronics specialists breathed life into everything that should move: cars, trains, figures of people and animals.

First, the grand interactive museum began work in test mode. The first visitors were able to rate it in April 2011. The first 14 months of the "Grand Maket Rossiya" invited visitors only on weekends. The official opening and the beginning of a full-fledged museum life took place on June 8, 2012.
Today, the “Grand Maket Rossiya” has become one of the most visited attractions in St. Petersburg. And this is not surprising, because here the Russian Federation in miniature is recreated on an area of ​​800 sq. on a scale of 1:87!

Grand Maket Rossiya is the largest such building in our country and the second largest in the world, second only to the “Miniature Wonderland” in Hamburg.

Exposition and events of the museum

It captures the spirit from the fact that the gaze opens to all huge Russia: from Kamchatka to Kaliningrad, from the Caspian Sea to the Baltic, from the Far East and the endless Siberia to the Ural Mountains. You can even find the North Pole located somewhere on the very edge of the installation. Of course, it was impossible to repeat in one miniature all the corners of our large country, although the scale of the exhibition makes it possible to make an impromptu journey through its vast expanses. The main thing is that the authors of the project managed to convey the spirit of Russia, to show its living, moving, changing. Therefore, no one is surprised that on the layout St. Petersburg and Moscow turned out to be cities-neighbors. After all, they, in fact, are close to each other in the way of life of citizens and the value in the life of the country.

Grand Maket Rossiya is often called a show museum. Indeed, its exposition is not frozen, it lives a real life: somewhere in the far mine gold miners mine gold; on one of the streets marching military; wedding is roaring on the river bank; port is briskly working and amusement park people amuse; boats scurry along the rivers, and in the frozen sea a giant icebreaker moves; in one of the cities of miniature Russia, lovers are photographed, and a rally is held on the streets of another; recognizable advertisements hang on the city streets, and traffic lights control traffic. There is even a film studio where the film is being shot.

The negative aspects of our life are reflected on the model: boys steal apples, criminals try to escape from prison, somewhere a train crash occurred. It happens that fires break out in a miniature country. Moreover, the smoke is real! Then brisk fire trucks rush to the rescue and win the fire. Every corner of the layout looks lively and convincing. Even some underground elements are visible. For example, you can watch the work of the subway. However, if one of the guests of the museum wants to add one more scene to the expression, he can do it just by pressing the appropriate button. And then the lumberjacks will zamashut their axes, the animals will begin to move on the farm, the crane will work on the construction site.

Separately, I must say about the features of the movement of trains and cars. Firstly, it is worth noting that all of them are executed very precisely and convey the distinctive features of each brand with the smallest details. Secondly, they move very naturally, the cars even blink turn signals. The natural movement of cars on the streets was achieved thanks to the use of electromagnetic induction as an energy source. This technology has never been used anywhere in the world. Thanks to her, smart cars move completely autonomously, independently choosing the trajectory of movement, speed limit, stopping place.

It is very impressive when night falls over the museum country. Darkness rolls in a wave from east to west. Windows are lit in the houses, neon advertising on the streets. At these moments, the enormous scope of our country becomes especially tangible, and the specifics of the words that were previously abstract are becoming more concrete: “It is midnight in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky”.

In order not to miss anything in the turbulent life of a reduced country, it is advisable to rent binoculars. And also use the audio guide. Every guest can take photos or take video on the most liked moments.

An important feature of the “Grand Maket Rossiya” is that all its elements appear to the visitors completely openly. There is neither the glass that protects the exhibits, nor the fence, which is customary for most museums. True, the alarm still warns overly enthusiastic visitors who cross the invisible line. Such inattentive guests seem to be a demonstration of toy people. They are walking down the street, holding posters in their hands: “Take care of the layout!”, “We demand respect!”, “Don't break us, we are people too!”, “We trust you”.

All the details of the installation are executed not only technically competently, but also with love and a subtle sense of humor. These feelings are transmitted to visitors. Therefore, everyone leaves the museum inspired and elated.

Show Museum as if created for a family holiday. Moreover, a child's visit will cost almost two times cheaper than an adult, a discount is offered to the family when they buy three tickets or more. "Children's" ticket on Mondays is also provided for pensioners. The interactive exposition itself is located on the second floor, and the first floor is dedicated to support services. There is a wardrobe, luggage storage, rental, cafe, toilets, shop. Here you can see behind the glass how the masters work on the layout, because the work on it continues all the time. On the second floor, near the installations, small platforms are provided for children, which will allow them to consider everything properly.

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