The creative space of Port Sevkabel

Port Sevkabel in St Petersburg


Kozhevennaya Liniya, 40, St Petersburg

Working time:

Monday - Sunday: 11:00 - 23:00


The creative space of Port Sevkabel was opened on September 30, 2018 on the territory of the plant of the same name. Initially, Siemens & Halske was founded here, which was engaged in the production of electrical equipment and cables. Thanks to the plant in St. Petersburg, the first electric trams appeared, the lighting system of Nevsky Prospekt and the Winter Palace/Zimny Dvorets. But time does not stand still, and now Port Sevkabel has become a haven for many exhibitions and creative individuals eager for self-expression. Also, the future of art space has a lot of other features.

The Naberezhnaya, the view from which opens onto the Gulf of Finland, this is the main achievement. Also, special attention is given to the fact that the equipped area is optimized for the comfort of visitors: a lawn that is resistant to trampling, the presence of benches over the entire area, a stone embankment, paths from concrete slabs. In rainy weather, which Petersburg is especially famous for, you can hide here even from heavy rain. Being here is really nice.

The territory of the Sevkabel port is equipped with an event-platform, where events of various levels are often held. This can be a concert, business meeting or exhibition. An interesting fact is that before this place was located machine for the production of wooden coils. Now the room is completely cleared of excess equipment, and provides a lot of space for creativity.


The port of Sevkabel on Vasilievsky Island has a food court where you can have a great snack. Soon there will be several bars and cafes where you can get together with friends, spend time for a cozy conversation, relax and enjoy a pleasant conversation. The main feature is that the local cuisine offers an assortment from many points of the world, which will truly surprise real connoisseurs of delicious and high-quality food. Port Sevkabel plans At the moment, work is underway on the restoration of the entrance group. The main idea of ​​the founders of the project is to preserve the historical values ​​of the plant. On the first floor is planned to create a club, and on the top - office space. In some of them will remain the real equipment, which functioned during the period of the enterprise foundation. Tenants will have to independently place them in their own interior, which is why the overall picture will be even more complete.


Activities on the port of Sevkabel in full scale will not be carried out soon, but restoration work is already under way. There will be many beer halls, loft spaces, a skate park, a promenade, and many other establishments of the original format. The roof will be equipped with a summer playground for concerts, where many excellent bands will perform. Also here is settled the Museum of the Arctic!
Peter is famous for its sights, so even an ordinary factory in the past can turn into a real creative point that will inspire every person to create something new. Such a combination of modern art, science and simple recreation is something new and unusual on the territory of St. Petersburg, so no one will leave without impressions.

How to get to the port of Sevkabel?

The port of Sevkabel on Kozhevennaya Line 40 in the harbor of Vasilyevsky Island is open to all visitors. From the station Primorskaya or Vasileostrovskaya you will need to make a route (you will have to walk about 2-3 km). After this, you will find a historic building that sheltered a creative object.

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