Taitsky park

Taitsky park is a quiet, picturesque place in the Leningrad region

Taitsy - the territory of the Izhora hills. Located 5 km south of the Duderhof Heights at the source of the river Verevka. Famous Taitskiye springs originate in Taits, which fed the Tsarskoye Selo ponds along the Taitsky drift-water conduit built by engineer Bauer in Catherine's times. Now the keys are very weak and can no longer supply water to the ponds.

Many believe that the name comes from the word mystery, to lurk - supposedly the so-called springs were called by local residents. But, most likely, it is based on the Baltic-Finnish word täysi - “full, perfect”, which can characterize the fullness of the springs as the source of the river Verevka.

After the Northern War in 1712, Peter I presented the Taitskaya myza to his sister Tsarevna Natalia Alekseevna. After the death of Natalia Alekseevna in 1716, Prince Vyazemsky rented the estate, and in 1719 Dr. Ivan Blumentrost rented the estate. In 1732, the manor was withdrawn to the treasury by personal decree. Later, the manor was transferred to the "father of the Russian fleet" Admiral Ivan Mikhailovich Golovin - the hero of the war with Sweden.

The heirs of the admiral, son Alexander and daughter Natalya (Prince Cantemir) in the 1750 s sold the estate.Malye Taisty with villages Staritsa, Ivanovskaya, Tikhvina, Istinka, Pyageleva and Klyuchi bought in 1758, Abram Petrovich Hannibal (Pushkin's great-grandfather). His son, Ivan Abramovich Hannibal, in 1786, sells the estate of E.T. Anichkova.

The main part of the estate - the Bolshye Taitsy with the villages of Taitsy, Kuznechiha, Saki, Mogilyov, Nizhnyaya and Bolshaya Pevgelevy and Detachable Dacha (from the Manor Malye Taitsy) - in 1761, becomes one of the richest Ural mining and mining companies Alexander Grigorievich Demidov. In the 1790s, he also redeemed its part of the Taitskoy manor from E. Anichkova.

The author of the architectural ensemble in Taitsy was the founder of Russian classicism, Ivan Egorovich Starov, who was married to the sister of Alexander Demidov, Natalia Grigorievna. The master of the palace and park complexes built in the Taitsy with his usual scope, especially since Demidov did not spare the funds.

The entrance to the estate was decorated with low service wings (official buildings made to the park border). They were united by an openwork lattice, alternating with granite pillars, and formed a semi-closed main courtyard - kurdoner. Their main park alley led to the manor building.

The appearance of the house turned out to be classic: the main facade, reflected in the water of the dam and adorned with columns of terraces; strict square underlying the main building. The round loggia terraces, the ones along which A. Demidov’s daughter was walking along the legend, were inscribed in the corners of the square. The house with a height of two floors towered on a high base, processed by rustication (roughly hewn stones).

Individual elements introduced into the composition create differences in facades. So, to the main Western facade from entrance to the estate two columns in the center give pomp. They resonate with the columns of the terraces and cast deep shadows, emphasizing the plastic facade.

The facade of the pond is decorated with four pilasters (vertical projections), which causes a sense of plastic integrity, tranquility. This facade is especially good when viewed from the opposite Bank of the dammed river, in which it is reflected, as in a mirror. Graphics in the solution of this facade — a good find of the architect.

Two other facades were distinguished by wide monumental stairs with sculptures of lions leading to the mezzanine. Until our time, the staircase was preserved only at the Northern facade. Next to her on the tables set guard lions of granite.

Inside the estate there is a beautiful spiral staircase.

Like any house with a century-old history, the Taitskaya manor has its own legend. It is said that the project of the house with extensive corner terraces was not chosen by chance. Sick consumption daughter of Baron Alexander Demidov on open terraces, loggias could walk around the building in a circle and enjoy the surroundings without leaving home. But Sophia died as much as 65 years, having survived the wife of count P. G. Golovkin, whom she married in 1795.

The Park with its numerous ponds, canals was organized by Demidov together with engineer Pozdeev and engineer Bauer.

The Park consisted of several sections, each of which had its own unique layout and bore its name: Its Own garden/Sobstvenny Sad, a Large meadow/Bolshaya Polyana, a Star/Zvezda, a Maze/Labirint and a Menagerie/Zverinets. Parts of the Park combined channels and canals, the curves of the paths obeyed the outlines of the banks.

Above the keys was a small pavilion “Kellenberg” fortress above the source. It visually closes one of the peripheral paths of the Park Star. Obviously, in addition to the decorative pavilion and had a utilitarian purpose: to protect the conduit. In the area of Star (as in the Pavlovsky Park) had twelve tracks. On the Central circular platform was placed the temple of the Sun — Rotonda hall of twelve columns of the ionic order. The dome of her inside was painted with the image of the sun and twelve signs of the zodiac. The building has not survived.

The Park is smaller than it seems at first glance, but it is really worth visiting if the combed appearance of the main suburban parks does not inspire. And for a walk will not have to pay. In the future, perhaps, a lot will change here. The Governor of the Leningrad region has long said that the estate is not only restored, but also placed under its roof regional art Museum named after N. K. Roerich.

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