The Museum of Art of St. Petersburg of the XX-XXI centuries

The Museum of Art of St. Petersburg of the XX-XXI centuries (MISP)

The Museum of Art of St. Petersburg of the XX-XXI centuries (MISP) is a repository of a unique collection representing the fine art of the city on the Neva.

Currently, the Museum is located in the historic center of the city - on the naberezhnaya of Griboedov Canal 103, two minutes walk from the Mariinsky Theater, Nikolo-Bogoyavlensky naval cathedral, Yusupovsky Palace and other famous sights of St. Petersburg.

The building, which houses the Museum, was built in the second half of the 19th century by the architect Zahara Krasnopevkova. Once there was a moving house, which combined a police station and a fire station. At the end of the 19th century, the building was rebuilt and the police station gave way to a police archive.

And it was this change of owner that influenced the further fate of the building. In 1917, the police archive was crushed and burned. As a result of the fire, the building was badly damaged. It was restored only in 1929 and adapted to the Leningrad Party Archives. Then he was replaced by various organizations - the printing house, the archive of the City Court, the Maly Manege.

And from December 2015, the Museum of Art of St. Petersburg of the XX-XXI centuries (MISP) entered here, which not only completely changed the external architectural appearance of the task, but also filled its internal space with new content. The nerve of dynamic contemporary culture has drawn into the process of life and new heroes — artists, musicians, actors, performers.

Currently there is no permanent exhibition at the Museum. The building, which includes various buildings, is subject to reconstruction. However, the Museum conducts extensive exhibition activities on the basis of its own collection, placing various temporary exhibitions on four sites of the main building.

The courtyard is also a space for various cultural events and interactive art projects - concerts, theatrical performances, performances, film shows, fashion design.

Exhibition activities are also held outside the Museum - in various cities of Russia, abroad. Exit exhibitions of the Museum were held in Greece (Athens, Thessaloniki), Italy (Rome, Turin), Germany (Hamburg), Mexico (Mexico City).

On the territory of the Museum there is an educational center. An extensive program of lectures, master classes, creative workshops, interactive author's excursions taking into account different age categories has been developed.

The museum also conducts active research activities. A number of albums and catalogs were published, introducing the collection of museum funds.
In 2017, a Volunteer Center opened at MISP, which gives its members the opportunity to participate in the artistic life of St. Petersburg and contribute to the development of the culture of our city.

The museum's storage facility is located in one of the outbuildings of the architectural complex. Currently, the collection includes 3,000 paintings, drawings, sculptures, objects, installations. The collection represents various artistic trends and styles of art in St. Petersburg over the course of two centuries - from the avant-garde of the 1920s, the social realism of the postwar period, the search for the “left” wing of the Union of Artists and the Underground 1960–1970s. before the artistic phenomena of perestroika and post-perestroika time, including today's trends.

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