Fountain Shar

Fountain Shar in St Petersburg

Fountain Shar is a smooth stone ball, which seems to lie on the surface of the water. The huge block, weighing 739 kg, rotates from a light touch of a hand. Water jets, murmur, cascade flow down the granite steps…

A distant prototype of the fountain "Shar", established in 2000 on Malaya Sadovaya street, was a similar design that appeared in Peterhof during the reign of Catherine II. Its author was Mikhail Vasilyevich Lomonosov. The only difference-then the Shar was made of copper and weighed” only " 200 kg.

Despite the external simplicity, the fountain has a complex design solution. Water jets flying out of the nozzles under strong pressure, support the weight of the marble ball. Its smooth, shiny water surface contrasts with the uneven edges of the stone bowl. In winter, for the period of water cut-off, the polished ball is replaced by its more rough "twin brother". On the twelve granite steps are bronze figures showing the time of day. Every hour change the direction of the current, and the water falls to the next level, thus symbolizing the passage of time.

One of the most unusual St. Petersburg fountains has already been surrounded by legends. It is believed that he is able to fulfill desires. To do this, stand back to the bowl of the fountain and throw a coin over the right shoulder on the stage. What figure will fall, so many times it is necessary to twist the ball.

In 2015, the construction was closed for repair for full restoration of functions. Today the fountain-Shar again pleases vacationers and fulfills desires.

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