The route of the new recreational areas in St. Petersburg

While the weather is favorable, we suggest using our route on Krestovsky Island. The newest resting area with benches at the bay, the Yakhtenny Bridge, the new metro station, the stadium and the sanitized area around it - we manage to take a walk along with our route.

For the World Cup on Krestovsky, a new walking zone was made from scratch: the place of the demolished restaurants on the Yuzhnaya Road was covered with larch flooring and made a very pleasant platform for rest. Let's start our walk with a beautiful fountain in the Tsentralnaya Square, and so that you do not get lost, make a guide and a map.

From the fountain along the Yuzhnaya Alley we head towards the Yuzhnaya Road. There are benches and tables for table tennis near the water, trees are planted and the lighting system works. The newest location is complemented by a view of the Yakhtenny Bridge.

Passing along the Yuzhnaya Road in the direction of the stadium, we approach the pedestrian bridge to the metro.

In front of us is a new metro station, Novokrestovskaya, with a beautiful view from here.

We return to the stadium. Passing to the right of it, you can see a pedestrian bridge. But we first look at the Grebnoy Canal.

Walking along the Grebnoy Canal, you can go over the pedestrian bridge to the park named after the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg.

Special bicycle lanes are equipped here, and starting off, you can see an unusual installation - the belfry.

Then you can go for a walk in the park near the water or go to the metro station "Begovaya".

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