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Guide For You Tours is delighted to welcome you to St Petersburg, and to offer to show you the best of the city as part of your Baltic Cruise shore excursions. Our Visa-Free visit support for cruise passengers will make planning your tour to St. Petersburg incredibly easy. In addition to St. Petersburg, we offer one-day trips to Moscow, Novgorod or Pskov for visitors who are staying in the city for three days. All the shore excursions are full of unforgettable stories about Russian history and culture, and allow you to explore this wonderful country. Our local St. Petersburg guides will make your St Petersburg tour a unique and memorable experience. As a licensed tour operator we are allowed to organize 72-hour Visa-Free visits as part of our shore excursions.1

The Testimonials of Guide For You tourists may help you with your choice. The best transportation, personalized sightseeing tours, and the highest class of our service in everything else that might be needed is ready for your visit. Please explore our package programs, or create your own one with the help of our . All of our tours are private and can be customized to fit your tastes. We can adjust your itinerary to suit your needs, as we feel your tour should be as unique as you are!

Charm of Saint-Petersburg

Among a great many cities of modern Russia, Saint-Petersburg plays a very important role. Its historical, architectural and cultural significance is invaluable. Once erected by a legendary sovereign on the coast of the Gulf of Finland and around the mouth of the river Neva, the North capital of Russia deeply impresses by its magnificence and monumentality. Creating a special atmosphere for unconventional and creative people - the city is a character of art works, songs and poems.

The mood of the city changes from the faintest whisper of the warm breeze to the strong blast of storm. Passionate travelers and shy tourists who want to get know this city better should bring along warm clothes even in the most sunny summer months.

Even the most demanding visitors seeking real beauty will find something to please themselves. Somebody will be impressed by spectacular vaults of the Kazan Cathedral which is gleaming in the night with emerald light like miracle. Somebody will appreciate the history of the Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ (Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood), and for somebody the most vivid impression will be the Hermitage and the Palace Square. The Hermitage and the fountains of Petergof cannot leave cold any connoisseur of art.

On the first day of acquaintance with Saint-Petersburg you will not want to sleep because of the experienced emotions, so powerful will be the images of the beautiful cultural and historical monuments flashing before your eyes. And the sight of the Peter and Paul Fortress by the rising of the Palace Bridge in the night will become the epilogue of the first day.

The second day will also be full of emotions and striking impressions. Exhibits in the famous Kunstkamera will send shivers down your spine. But the sail on the river bus will drive away your deep thoughts about history. Sailing up and down numerous rivers and channels you can easily lose count because of the enormous number of bridges. If you look carefully, near one of them you can see the famous Chizhyk-Pyzhik which was many times lost and found.

Wandering further and taking a good look on the frontages of art nouveau buildings you can see the well-known name of the discolored into grey hotel “Angleterre”. There ended his life and creative work famous Russian poet Sergei Yesenin. There narrowly looking at the cold water surface of Neva Dostoyevsky wrote his legendary novel “Crime and Punishment”.

It was here where, at a certain distance from everything material, the Russian Rock was born. Somewhere here nearby at the unremarkable quay the legendary is “Avrora” moored.

Of cause, within a few days in Saint-Petersburg it is impossible to fully feel the atmosphere of the city. The most important experience is not only the things which were seen but also the things which were realized, because this former reconquered enclave became not only the city of three revolutions and nine hundred days of the blockade and the “stronghold” of the cultural and historical heritage, but also a part of the soul of each Russian.

Whichever tour you choose, we will provide:

  • VISA-FREE disembarkation forms;
  • Tickets (according to the program selected);
  • Comfortable, air-conditioned vehicles;
  • Bottled water;
  • A professional guide and driver service;
  • Free earphones for groups of eight or more.

Let us make your visit to St Petersburg the real highlight of your Baltic tour!

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