Soloist "Leningrad", Sergey Shnurov dumbfounded unexpected news. Sergei Shnurov said that he was going to dissolve the marriage with his wife Matilda. The musician and his wife one preferred to refrain from explaining the reasons for what had happened.
The 45-year-old leader of the Leningrad group Sergei Shnurov surprised the fans with unpleasant news. The musician reported that he was getting divorced from his wife Matilda, a famous St. Petersburg restaurateur and head of the ballet school in the cultural capital.

In Shnurov's microblog, a post appeared, in which he asked not to disturb him during this difficult period. Despite the fact that the couple decided to dissolve the marriage, they decided to keep friendly relations.
Later parting with her husband commented Matilda Shnurova. Restaurateur thanked the indifferent people for their support and made it clear that she did not intend to share details of her personal life yet.


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