Russians told what they remember about life in the USSR

Mostly people remember the good.

Sociologists of the Levada Center conducted a survey among Russians to find out what the country's historical path was in Soviet times. Study participants could choose multiple answers.

The most characteristic feature of the Soviet government, according to the respondents, was the concern of the state about the population. 59 percent of respondents agree with this. The second most important feature was the friendship of nations and the absence of interethnic conflicts. This view is held by 46 percent of Russians.

Another 43 percent of those polled are sure that there was no unemployment in the USSR, and the economy was developing successfully. And 39 percent of Russians believe that people's lives are constantly improving. Slightly more than a third of respondents indicated the advanced pace of science and culture of the country.

Other factors of the development of the USSR — not so unclouded — were the guiding role of the party, as stated by 29 percent, queues, shortages, and a rationing system. About 17 percent of respondents mentioned isolation from the outside world. Another 13 percent of Russians noted the poverty and persecution of dissidents.

Other negative aspects of development were remembered by less than ten percent of study participants. For example, bureaucracy, lagging behind other countries in product quality, persecution of believers, excessive military spending.

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