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April 2024
12 Feb 2015

How much should we tip our guide and driver?

The amount depends on you, but usually the gratuity is divided in the following way: 2/3 to the guide and 1/3 to the driver. However, it all depends on your wish. It's preferable to tip your guide and driver separately. The tour price doesn't include gratuities to your guide and driver. If you are happy with the tour and would like to thank your tour team, you are welcome to do that at the end of your tour. Please have some cash with you for the tips. It does not matter which currency you have.
12 Feb 2015

When paying by credit card, what currency is used

Credit Card payment is processed through a Russian bank and only in ROUBLES which adds a percentage fee to all international transactions (the amount depends on your bank). Your bank's inner exchange rate might vary from the Russian Central Bank rate on which the to make the transaction is based, and the amount on your bank statement may vary from from the original invoiced amount. Please, when paying in Russia by card, make sure your bank knows about the payment, so that the transaction is not declined.
12 Feb 2015

Do you need a deposit?

There's NO DEPOSIT required to place a reservation. We only kindly ask you to inform us about ANY change of your tour plans in advance as cancelling at last minute makes it impossible for us to get the money back for the booked tickets. Some of the local museum tickets as well as theatre ones cannot be cancelled.
12 Feb 2015

How can I pay for my tour to Guide For You?

You can pay on one of your tour days. Usually we set the payment the last day of a tour to know how our guests liked the tour. We accept ALL major Credit Cards and cash but have to say that a bank will add 3% to your bill if you pay by card. If you would like to take care of all your tour payments in advance, we can accept your advance payment via credit card, PayPal, or bank money transfer.

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