On different days you can see the blue, purple and other highlights of the Palace Bridge/Dvortsovy Most in St. Petersburg. Why? Read in the material.

Red lights
On February 4, the main bridge shone red for two weeks. This tradition in St. Petersburg for five years.

“The story of the celebration of the Chinese New Year in our city began with the inclusion of this highlight five years ago. Then it caused a big stir, parallels were drawn with the festive illumination on the Eiffel Tower. The news spread through the central Chinese media and was at the very top, ”says Yevgeny Grigoriev, head of the Petersburg Committee on Foreign Relations.

Blue backlight
Illumination is changed on April 2 - on the day of the international action “Light up Blue”, which has already painted the Egyptian pyramids, the Sydney Opera House and the New York skyscrapers in bright shades of this color.

This is being held on World Autism Awareness Day.

In the northern capital, the action was supported for the first time in 2014; since then, it has been held annually.

Purple backlight
Violet is the official color symbol of the fight against IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease). Thus, the action, when the masterpieces of architecture appear in purple, should attract the attention of residents of large cities to the problems of timely diagnosis and proper treatment of IBD.

Day IBD is held in 50 countries around the world. And on May 19, St. Petersburg joined this social action for the second time that year.

No backlight
But on March 30 last year the bridge completely lost any illumination. This action is carried out in the "Earth Hour".

At one o'clock in the center of the northern capital, as well as in other cities and countries turn off the light on the sights, large buildings and squares. According to the World Wildlife Fund, the action calls for thinking about light pollution, electricity consumption and other world problems.

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