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The stadium where these matches will take place is not a new one - Kazan Arena was built for the 2013 Universiade and already settled. It is located on the right bank of the Kazanka River, close to the main thoroughfares of the city. The most striking feature of this sports facility is the media facade, which is the largest in Europe Full HD screen. Broadcasts from such a screen - advertising or what happens inside the stadium - are visible for about 3 kilometers.

The same obvious brightness is also different for Kazan itself - it amazes and falls in love with itself at first sight. The city is both ancient and new, super-modern and exotic. Kazan guides offer fans the same multicolor routes: you can go to the beautiful Kazan Kremlin, or to the factory "Kamaz", or to the racetrack and the horse breeding museum. You can sit behind the wheel of a racing car at the "Kazan Ring", or you can take a bus to the wonderful city-island of Sviyazhsk and see the knight tournament.

Grandiose fan zone, divided into five sites, is arranged before the main Kazan registry office - the center of the family "Kazan". This building in the form of a stylized cauldron-kazan on the right bank of the Kazanka River, which is the stadium "Kazan Arena". Those who did not get to live matches will be able to see here the broadcasts of all the games of the championship.


Former Keningsberg does not belong to the number of "football" cities, so many fans will have to open "the westernmost region of Russia". Guests of the championship will be in the historic center of the ancient city: the stadium "Kaliningrad" for 35 thousand spectators built on the island of October (formerly Lomza, that is, "marsh") between the two branches of the river Pregolya.

It so happened that this place and at the beginning of the XXI century remained an uninhabited wasteland. All that they tried to build during the last two centuries, did not take root for a long time and was destroyed by historical storms. Now on the Island (so simply, without any clarification, it is called Kaliningraders) have built not only the sports arena, but also the embankment, and a new motorway with entrances to the stadium.

Fans will see their main route in Kaliningrad literally under their feet - it is marked by red markings on the sidewalks. The main points of the route: Victory Square, stadium, fan zone in the Central Square and South Station. The central square is the heart of the city, it was here since the XIII century was the castle of Koenigsberg - the residence of the Teutonic Knights, not survived the XX century. Guests of the championship can feel the severe energy of the place.

In Kaliningrad, only four matches of the group final will be played, but the frontier city has a special position in terms of the influx of guests. At the matches will come and those who are more convenient and cheaper to stop at the nearest European hotels - for example, from the Polish Gdansk. In addition, on June 28 in England, Kaliningrad plays with Belgium, so the influx of legendary English fans is imminent.

For those who arrive at Khrabrovo airport or arrive at the Southern and Northern railway stations, flights of free shuttles to the Kaliningrad stadium are organized. Of course, it is better not to use own motor transport on match days.

The tourist program for the guests of the championship offers invariably popular directions: a sightseeing tour around the city, the "amber" Kaliningrad, the Curonian Spit. They were added special routes - "beer", romantic for lovers and mystical in the museums of Koenigsberg, which in the days of games will be open until the morning. It will not be superfluous to mention one more, very special and lively Kaliningrad rarity: in the city zoo you can see a couple of giant anteaters. There are no more anywhere in Russia.


Probably the most exotic city of the championship is the capital of Mordovia, which positions itself as a cultural and spiritual center of the Finno-Ugric world. Therefore, the name of the new stadium goes beyond the city - not the Saransk Arena, but the Mordovia Arena.

This giant 45-thousand stadium was built from scratch in the floodplain of the river Insar, on the other side of the center of Saransk. It can be reached directly from the airport, remote from the stadium by only 5 kilometers, or from the railway station in 2.5 kilometers, or you can just walk from the center. The residents of the Republic of Mordovia chose the name for the stadium by Internet voting, and one of the unsuccessful variants - Shumbrat, which in both Mordovian languages ​​means greeting - gave the name to a special one-day tour for the fans. "Shumbrat, Mordovia" offers a three-hour immersion in Mordovian culture with a visit to the ethnographic center "Mordovskoe Podvorye", national treats and games. Of course, tourists will be able to join the work of Stepan Erzi and learn about the connection of Saransk and Admiral Ushakov. Not forgotten and close "male" football culture direction - developed a special beer route.

The official fan zone in Saransk will be located on the smart main square of the city - Sovetskaya. It is designed for 25 thousand spectators.

In Saransk matches of the group stage will be played. Team Peru will compete against the team of Denmark, Colombia with Japan, Iran with Portugal, and Panama with Tunisia.

Tourist team - Football World Cup - 2018 - Part 3

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