If you think that museums are the boredom, our selection is created especially for you. Now we will tell how to be enriched with new knowledge and to spend time dynamically and truly interesting. In these places, you can control the particles in space, hold a photo session upside down, try the most famous flavors of the 20th century and take a test of love for Russian emperors.

The most fun museums of St. Petersburg

Optics Museum

In this museum, the world of light and color comes to life and begins to play with new colors. There are many interactive exhibits in the institution: you can “freeze” your shadows or paint with color, feel like Leonardo da Vinci, control particles in space and even fly a little. Almost all the exhibits here can and must be touched - only in this way can you move for a second to the future and touch the technologies that humanity will ever use. The complex science of optics within the walls of the museum becomes simple and truly fascinating.

The museum regularly conducts excursions, it is also possible to order holding the birthday of the child.


Birzhevaya line, 14

Museum "House upside down"

Recently, the museum, in which all the exhibits are presented upside down, has updated the design of the premises. Now here is a space of eight locations: living room, kitchen, bathroom, toilet, children's rooms, a corridor and a bedroom.

In the apartment, the flip-flop offers to do the usual things: make breakfast, relax in the bedroom or wash things. Do not forget that the floor and ceiling are swapped, so this is not an easy task. The museum is especially good for unusual photo shoots - the pictures seem as if you are floating near the ceiling.


Bolshaya Morskaya Street, 5

LEGO Museum

The exhibition space opens for visitors the opportunity to visit the world, where everything is made of cubes and parts of the legendary designer. Eyes scatter: I want to explore each of the 12 impregnable castles and magnificent palaces, and you can still see the whole city of the future, which is based not on bricks, but on 435 thousand cubes and LEGO parts. The city is inhabited by 1060 Lego men: horse knights in armor and beautiful princesses, pirates and living skeletons, characters of comics and movies.

When visiting, please note that the museum is open from Wednesday to Sunday.


Zagorodny pr., 42v

Perfume Museum

The history of perfumery is inextricably linked with the history of mankind. Ever since ancient Egypt and ancient Greece, the ancestors of the modern perfume have played a crucial role both in religion and in universal life. Learn more about this and more about the undoubtedly important satellite of a person in the Petersburg Museum of Perfumery. Tours in an unusual museum are held in the form of a cozy tea party, during which you will not only be told the history of perfume, but also personally will give you a chance to try the most famous flavors of the 20th century. You can see the most valuable books, fraught with the recipes of creating perfumes. In addition, you will see a huge number of bottles and other containers for perfume that accompanied him throughout history. Visiting the museum - by appointment, but the theme of the tour can be chosen independently.

On Fridays, the museum hosts lectures by the perfumery historian Elina Arsenyeva. They, for example, you can listen to the history of perfumery in the Muslim world and learn about the first women perfumers.


1st line V. O., 48

Museum of Illusions

The space of the largest museum of illusions is divided into several thematic areas: artists-props tried their best and created a unique place where a glass labyrinth, a contact zoo, a giant room with huge furniture and much more appeared.

Guests of the amazing museum can stroll through the garden with lively tropical butterflies or fight the formidable Frankenstein with 3D-pictures, and if you wish, you can even be on a high roof overnight. Let's single out the Giant's House, being in which you can sit on a huge chair or try on gigantic sneakers - in general, feel really small surrounded by giant objects. In addition, the Museum of Illusions has its own contact zoo, whose guests can play with animals, feed them and, of course, take pictures.


Bolshaya Morskaya Street, 5

Sigmund Freud Museum of Dreams

The exposition of an unusual museum is entirely devoted to dreams, the theories of the Austrian psychologist and, of course, his unlimited love of collecting antiquities. The Sigmund Freud Museum of Dreams can be called an interactive total installation. After all, here the visitors are surrounded by the illusion that they themselves form. All its visible and invisible walls, exposure surfaces, the floor, the ceiling are thought out, calculated and arranged so that they could be easily moved apart and the visual series continued based on their own experience, fantasy and desires.

Tours of the museum without an appointment are held on Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays at 12:30 and 15:00. In addition, various lectures are regularly held in the museum. For example, from 15 to 19 April 2019, there will be a course of lectures by the psychoanalyst and philosopher Lorenzo Chiesa “Look and Baroque”.


Bolshoy Prospect P. S., 18a

Museum of "Czar's fun"

This is not just a museum, but a real art project. Even the laureates of the Golden Mask were involved in the creation of the exhibition. Viewers will be able to see the hologram of Peter I, ride imperial bicycles, dive into the whirl of balls and rural trips, magnificent assemblies and endless feasts.

The design of the space very well combines the scientific approach and the game component. Here you can take a test, the results of which tell which of the Russian emperors the visitor likes the most. Old folios are lined up on special display cases; when opened, dynamic content is launched - sound, image and text synthesis appear.

The museum is open to the public on weekends.


Pravlenskaya Street, 1

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