The 7th Tulip Festival on Elagin Island will open on May 18 and 19!

On the opening days, an elegant Baroque-style program awaits visitors, the atmosphere of which will be recreated in the palace part of the park. The Baroque style originating in Europe, with its refined manners, gallantry, gold, marble, mirrors and colors, received in our city a new sound, thanks to Peter the Great. Peter the Great, having adapted the European Baroque to his own taste, became the founder of the style known to us as “Petrovskoe Baroque”, in it, through all the borrowings and ready-made European schemes, deeply Russian national features appear.

Peter the Great is also known for his love of travel. He was the first Russian monarch to appear abroad. This year, gardeners of the park offer guests of the festival to travel abroad to different countries that have played a significant role in spreading tulips around the world. Flower gardens dedicated to the states in which the tulip is most widely used as a flower are waiting for visitors, as well as to the countries in which it has left its mark on culture, art and history.

Each of the flower beds of this year was created in the colors or motifs of different “tulip” countries. You will be able to visit Persia and Turkey - where did the path of tulips begin around the world. France, the Austrian Empire and the German Principality - contributed to the spread of the tulip. Holland of different eras - a country that made the tulip a part of its culture, and became its second homeland. Kalmykia and Canada are also holding annual Tulip Festivals.

In 2019, 120 varieties will be presented to your attention, 16 of them were not planted in the park before. In the central flower gardens you can again see three varieties of famous black tulips.
New for the visitors will be 4 varieties of tulip-chameleon, changing its color during flowering. Festival 2019 will also delight other rare species of buds and a variety of terry varieties. These tulips with lush, peony-like buds, especially loved by visitors to past festivals.

This year, 175,000 bulbs were planted for the festival, and the park's flower gardens increased to 4,000 square meters.
At the opening of the Festival the guests of the park are awaited by the already famous promenade-concert. This year, all music and dance numbers will be devoted to the magnificent and spectacular Baroque era.

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