1. The Alexander Garden

Taking into account that the Admiralty and the region around it appeared almost in the year when St.Petersburg was found, there weren't any parks and gardens there till the end of XIX century. In 1867 Alexander II ordered to lay out a garden on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of Peter the Great. The garden was opened in 1872. The Emperor came there, planted an oaklet and then accepted the offer of constructors to name the place after him. That’s why it’s called not Peter but The Alexander Garden.

There located several monuments to famous citizens of St.Petersburg in the Garden. The most famous one is to Przhevalsky, at the bottom of which a camel made of bronze lies. An amazing resemblance between the traveler and Joseph Stalin later emerged rumours that Przhevalsky must be a father of the “vozhd of all the nations”.

Location: Metro station Admiralteyskaya, the Garden is located around the building of the Admiralty.

  1. The Garden “Olympia”

It’s one of the newest gardens in the center of St.Petersburg. It was set up after the war. The famous Klinsky market was located there till 1941, as well as the cinema “Olympia” right beside it. Everything was destroyed under the attack of fascist aircrafts.

The Garden was opened in 1947, and within just a few months it was decided to redesign it. The alleys lay-out was changed, new trees were planted and for the occasion around the place a fence of grey stone was built.

Location: Metro station Tekhnologichesky Institute, the Garden is located in the area between Moskovsky, Klinskiy, Malodetskoselskiy Prospekts and Bataysky Lane.

  1. The Garden on the site of last Pushkin’s duel.

It is still a matter of debate where did the duel between Pushkin and d'Anthès actually happen. It is mainly said that it is the poet’s second Danzas who was wrong not the ones who had been there much more times. For the first time a monument to Pushkin appeared at this place in 1887, on the 50th anniversary of the duel day. Then it was small and simple bust. In 1937 an obelisk was put up and a garden was reconstructed there. By the way, a memorial plate was located at the Novaya Derevnya railway station for long time, set up in 1949. It was found in 1999 and reconstructed.

Location: Metro station Pionerskaya, the Garden is located between Kolomyazhskiy Prospekt and Ulitsa Matrosa Zheleznyaka.

  1. The Yusupov Garden.

The first architect of the Garden was Domenico Trezzini. Later on, in 1780s, that area was reconstructed, there appeared an English garden with pond and pavilions. During the 1860s Alexander II commanded to open the Park – which long ago came from Yusupovy to Ministry of Transportation - for public.

However, it was closed in winter, until the city Yacht club was let in there, and very soon they started a broad activity in the Park. At that time people began to do skating there and in the beginning of XX century national and even international competitions were held in the Park. Also the first Olympic champions of Russia practiced and grew there.

Location: Metro station Sadovaya, the Garden is located between the Fontanka River and Sadovaya Street.

  1. The Benois Garden.

Earlier this place was called “Dacha of Benois” after not the owner, but the constructor, who was one of the most famous St.Petersburg architects of the beginning of XX century. There located many various buildings on the area, including cattle barns, sheds and wind-powered water pump. Also a road, lied nearby, was called in the name of Benois. Only in 1952 its name was changed to Tikhoretskiy Prospekt. In September 2011 a Benois complex of forest dairy farm, comprised four buildings, was sold by tender. Nowadays, the farm is been restored, and in the nearest future – namely cast off shackles of the past - it will come renovated to the citizens.

Location: Metro station Akademicheskaya, Tikhoretskiy Pr., 17А.

  1. The Catherine Garden.

Before the time when the monument by Mikeshin and Anikushin emerged it was an open country there, between Nevsky prospect, the Maly (Alexandriinsky) Theater, and the garden of the Anichkov Palace. Later, when the famous monument of Catherine the Great with great representatives of her epoch featured on the postament was set up there, Grimm designed a garden around it. All works lasted for 11 years – since 1862 to 1873.

Location: Metro station Gostiny Dvor, Ostrovsky Square.

  1. The Summer Garden.

It is the first garden of St.Petersburg. The main pearl of the garden is certainly - its sculptures, which were ordered way back under Peter the Great. Most of them were created in XVII-XVIII centuries. Another place of interest is The Summer Palace. Peter the Great lived there from May till October for twelve years, since 1712 to 1725. In the days of Peter I there was excavated a small canal from Fontanka to the entrance of the palace so that the royal residence was located on a half-island. The Emperor liked when his guests arrived to the palace by boats.

Location: Metro station Chernyshevskaya, Kutuzov embankment, 2.

8. The Michael (Mikhailovsky) Garden.

The area got the present dimensions and appearance in the end of XVIII century. Paul I consider the old palace of Elizabeth Petrovna to be rundown and ordered to construct the building of Mikhailovskiy Castle, at the other edge the Mikhailovskiy Palace was built, where one of the Paul’s sons started to live. In the beginning of 2000s the Garden was submitted to sound reconstruction as it dired.

Location: Metro station Nevsky prospect, the Garden is located near the Church of the Savior on the Spilled Blood, Griboedov channel embankment, 2B.

9. The Tauride Garden.

It was opened to the public in XIX century and it got its up-to-date appearance at the same time. It is a quiet and comfortable park at the Kirochnaya Ulitsa. By the way, the monuments to Yesenin and Tchaikovsky emerged there only in 90s. Before that during the whole Soviet era the Garden was called Children’s park and its main object of interest were attractions.

Location: Metro station Chernyshevskaya, Potyomkinskaya Ul., 4.

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