Named the most unusual names for newborns Petersburgers.

In Petersburg, they talked about the most unusual names that parents chose for their children last year. In total, 64,500 babies were born in the city. Such names as Bilan, EKtor, Nil, Zlatozar, Neron, Lesomir, Pafnutiy, Maximus, Migel and Dorian appear among men. The most unusual female names were Trina, Reya, Dobroslava, Etna, Nea, Anksunamun, Evliya, Leta, Vladiana and Otiliya. Also became known the most popular names for young Petersburgers. Boys are most often called Alexander, Mihail, Artem, Maxim, Ivan, Dmitry, Daniil, Roman, Andrey and Kirill. The girls were given names such as Sofiya, Anna, Mariya, Alisa, Yekaterina, Anastasiya, Victoriya, Polina, Kseniya and Yelizaveta.

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