Nabokov Museum in St. Petersburg.

The future great writer was once born in this building on Bolshaya Morskoy. He told about this house in his autobiographical novel “Other Shores”, accurately describing all the objects and the life of his family 50 years after parting with his homeland. Nabokov also called the house on Bolshaya Morskoy “the only house in the world”, because after moving from here his family no longer had their own housing.
In addition to autobiographical novels, the description of the house also appears in the works of Nabokov "Masha" and "Protection Luzhin." The museum was opened on the centenary of the writer's birth; at that time, not a single item belonging to the writer's family remained in the house. Since then, the museum has collected a large memorial collection and library.

Also in the museum are stored pencils used by the writer, work cards with manuscripts, pince-nez, Scrabble game autographed by V. V. Nabokov and a butterfly net for catching butterflies. In addition, Vladimir Putin’s jacket, suit jacket and boots were donated to the museum.

The museum is located on the first floor of the house, there are preserved dining room, living room and library. The museum regularly conducts Nabokov readings and other scientific programs.

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