On May 26, an incredible multimedia performance in the span of the Palace Bridge awaits St. Petersburgers and guests of the city on City Day

Viewers will see a projection of a performance by an Emmy Award winner, the famous Hungarian violinist Edwin Marton. Especially for this occasion, the musician composed the mystical composition Peter Sanktus. The performance will be held under the light-pyrotechnic flyboard show - it will be attended by athletes of the Russian national team in hydroflayu and acrobats.
The show starts on May 26 at 23:00. At this moment at the foot of the Palace Bridge will begin the performance of the orchestra of the Theater Music Hall under the guidance of conductor Fabio Mastrangelo. First of all, the musicians will perform the anthem of St. Petersburg - the song of Reinhold Glier "Hymn to the Great City".
In addition, in honor of the City Day, one of the athletes flyboardists will set a new world record - it will rise more than 20 meters and fly between the divorced wings of the Palace Bridge. After the performance Petersburgers will be able to enjoy ten minutes of fireworks.

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