Here it is, the long-awaited date when you set off on a journey! It does not matter how long it will last: one day, several weeks or months. The main thing is that you return back with bright impressions, a charge of strength and energy. But minor or major trouble on the road can happen to everyone, so we advise you not to lose your head, but to listen to the advice of experienced travelers and to observe even the minimum requirements of security and common sense.

Do not pay ahead and check the information

Thousands of tourists from around the world become victims of their own credulity and the desire to save money each year. Most often inexperienced travelers fall into the trap of scammers, who give them for modest money a non-existent home. The scheme is as old as the world. Having paid for your living, you and your suitcases can easily be in front of the garage door on some wasteland. Renting a home in the private sector is always risky, but try to find information about it in advance, its owner and find feedback from other guests. And do not make a prepayment in full, then even in the worst case scenario you will lose only a deposit.

Get a free document bag

One of the most common troubles of travelers is the loss of documents. To be without a passport and driver's license, it is not necessary to become a victim of thieves. Tourists often forget bags with documents in cafes, on the beach or in museums. A small bag for documents, which will be attached to the belt and easily hidden under the shirt, will be the best remedy for forgetfulness. There you can put credit cards. Use copies of documents Without extreme necessity, it is better not to carry original documents with you at all, leave them in a safe place or take them away.

Use notarized or even ordinary copies.

Guardians of the order mostly loyal to tourists and may not even be asked to produce originals. Additionally, you can take photos on your phone. It's not just about the passport. Get electronic copies of insurance, driver's license, and even prescriptions from a doctor if you suffer from serious diseases.

Do not keep money and documents together

Although stealing documents is also not rare, but mostly as an accidental "bonus" to the wallet. Our advice: do not keep money and documents in one place. Parting with a certain amount of money through the efforts of deft tweezers, of course, is also offensive, but recovering lost documents is much longer and more troublesome. On a calm, restful calm, in this case, you will definitely have to forget.

Time to change money

Even if on a trip you plan to pay with a card, it is useful to have at least some cash for small purchases and calculations. It is important to remember here that money needs to be changed. In some neighboring countries, rubles are also accepted, but this is more likely an exception. The spread of the euro has simplified the life of travelers, but not all countries use European currency, and this can become an unpleasant surprise. Of course, you can change money on arrival, exchange points are available at airports and railway stations, but they usually do not have a very profitable course. Do not want to overpay - take care of the exchange in advance.

Do not carry large amounts of cash with you

If you go to popular tourist centers, problems with ATMs are unlikely to arise. Of course, you can lose a little on the fluctuations of exchange rates, but keep your own nerve cells. Hunters profit cash more than anyone who wants to contact you for credit cards. It is also better to avoid large bills and pay them only in proven places, and for souvenir shops leave a small change.

Take care of the favorable tariff for the phone

Every year, mobile operators are showing increasing loyalty to outbound subscribers and offer advantageous options and special fares. The quality of communication abroad is also improving. Nevertheless, if you are planning a long trip, take a closer look at local operators. It is often much more profitable to purchase a SIM-card when you arrive in the country of destination. Perhaps you will even get nice bonuses as a new subscriber.

Do not forget about veterinary certificates

Accustomed to travel the whole family, including four-legged friends? To the last moment your pet is not stopped at the border, make sure that you have prepared all the necessary documents and references. Pay special attention to the terms of issue and the period of validity, veterinary certificates are not at all perpetual, so it is better to make an appointment with a specialist shortly before the planned date of travel.

Write down useful contacts

In the era of the Internet it seems that any information will always be at hand. But circumstances can be different. The phone has the ability to discharge or break down at the most crucial moment, let alone that it can simply be lost. Make a list of useful contacts: let it be the address and phone number of the Russian Consulate, several phone numbers of your relatives, the address of your temporary residence (hotel or rented apartment), a couple of taxi services and an emergency phone. The rest is up to you.

Collect a first aid kit

We do not encourage you to bring medicines for all occasions, but you will be grateful for your own foresight if you take antipyretic agents, activated charcoal and anti-headache, heartburn and poisoning. Bad state of health can be caused not only by infection, but also by acclimatization. Nevertheless, having a proven medicine is always good. However, it is necessary to clarify the rules for in the luggage.

Take warm clothes and comfortable shoes

Even if you go to warm countries, you are unlikely to have enough only a leotard and slates. The weather is sometimes unpredictable, and looking for warm things in the middle of the resort is not the best thing to do. A pair of long sleeves will not take up much space in the suitcase, but they will help out in case of an unexpected cold snap. Do not forget about your favorite sneakers, making walking tours in them will be much nicer than in beach shoes.
Check the theory of six handshakes Heard about this theory? Going on a long trip to an unfamiliar country, it's worth checking out this theory in action. Talk to your friends, maybe the acquaintance of your great-uncle's grand-niece lives somewhere nearby? We do not encourage you to go to her guests, but sometimes advice or help, even through the fifth hands of a friend, are more useful than dozens of articles, reviews and recommendations.

Stock up with cards

Perhaps in an unfamiliar area you feel like a fish in the water and from childhood you know how to determine the direction of the stars, wind and moss, but sometimes it is useful to have an old good card handy. To receive it, as a rule, it is possible in any infopunkte, but if there is an opportunity, take a copy from home. Download cards on the phone, too, does not hurt, count only on free city Wi-Fi definitely not worth it.

Download useful applications

You will definitely be called a dark and straggly person if you do not download a couple of fashionable and useful applications for travelers. We can offer several options. Find and book accommodation, call a taxi, build a route, buy tickets, choose a café, explain yourself in an unfamiliar language - all this can be done with the help of applications. But we advise you not to download them on the last night, but check in advance to find the most convenient option.

Be careful with the national cuisine

To come to another country and not try something from the local cuisine is simply inexcusable! But not everything will be able to eat without consequences for the body. If you are not used to spicy, too spicy food or you are allergic to some foods, try to experiment in moderation. Before you taste the cockroaches, spiders and snails, read the reviews of other travelers. Also, be very attentive to the choice of institution. We advise you to focus not on appearance, but on popularity among local people.

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