For tourists and guests of the World Cup, Mostotrest has developed 11 new routes on bridges, located next to the stadium at Krestovsky. Walkers are told how interesting and useful to get to the arena from each crossing.

The project "Football Team of Bridges of St. Petersburg" includes information about the nearest cafes, shops, interesting sights, stops and places for recreation. On the site you can configure the filter and see information about the type of objects of interest, taking into account your own geolocation.

Now the information is presented in Russian. From June 10, there will be Chinese and English versions. All the information was provided with photographs.

Routes are called so:

"Drink and Eat" - Bolshoi Petrovsky Bridge,
"Parks and embankments" - 1st Elagin bridge,
"There, on unknown paths" - Malo-Krestovsky bridge,
"Civilization" is the Great Krestovsky Bridge,
"Historical dachas" - the 14th Kamennoostrovsky Bridge,
"Street Sports" - Lazarevsky Bridge,
"Rowing channel" - 2-nd Elagin bridge,
"Family" - the 3rd Elagin bridge,
"Youth" - Youth Bridge,
"Petersburg in the XXI century" - Yacht bridge,
"Finish straight" - a pedestrian bridge from the metro station "Novok"


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