What does every tourist or business traveler think about when planning his trip to St. Petersburg? About walking routes, upcoming rest and schedule of business meetings? Yes, but first of all about where to stay in St. Petersburg, which hotels, hostel, hotel to choose.

Each of the options has its pros and cons, which we suggest you consider in our short review. Petersburg, as a major tourist center of Russia and Europe, in terms of accommodation, offers visitors of the city ample opportunities.

In any case, going to St. Petersburg or any other city, you should get acquainted with the hotels and hotels in which you can settle on arrival, choose the desired price category and service, the desired location of the hotel. This will save you from unnecessary trouble and time loss. The agency Nevskoye Obozreniye will help you to make your choice of a hotel in St. Petersburg more successful and correct, as it always tries to offer those hotels that receive positive feedback from our customers, guests of St. Petersburg. We will help you navigate correctly, because in St. Petersburg now there are more than 1,300 mini-hotels and hotels - more than in any other city in Russia.

Standard accommodation - rooms with amenities and breakfast, the level of service 3 *.

Mini-hotel, mini-hotels 3 *.
The main advantage of mini-hotels is reasonable price, "home" atmosphere, location in the historical center - after leaving the room you immediately find yourself in the very center of the city. A typical mini-hotel is a combination of two or three or more apartments, the number of rooms - from 5 to 30-40. The converted rooms of these apartments are numbers. The impetus for the development of mini-hotels in St. Petersburg was the shortage of economy and standard-class rooms in the city center. Mini-hotels began to occupy a niche of two and three star hotels. Owners of private hotels promise their guests home comfort and everything they need in their rooms. Here you usually have everything you need - a bed, a bedside table, a wardrobe, a table, a chair, a refrigerator, a TV, a toilet and a shower. Cleaned rooms and clean linen. Breakfast is included in the price. There is Internet access and additional services that can be ordered with the help of the on-duty concierge administrator. This option is best for someone who has arrived in the city for a few days. Possible minus - not always the rooms can be so comfortable or the hotel itself has a common entrance at the entrance of a residential building. Most of the mini-hotels of St. Petersburg are located in the central part of the city, which is especially convenient for tourists and travelers. Nearby you can find a lot of entertainment centers, theaters, museums - in general, all that is necessary to see or visit, arriving in St. Petersburg. And in the evening on Nevsky Prospect or in its vicinity, where there are many sights, you can pleasantly stroll and spend time - during the tourist season Nevsky Prospect and Neva embankments with drawbridges never “sleep” and look irresistible and amazing in the evening and at night.

Prices - from 2,000 - 3,000 rubles (in the "off season") to 4,000 - 8,000 rubles for a double room with all the amenities in the summer season.

Large hotels 3 *.
Despite numerous offers from owners of private apartments, hostels, and mini-hotels offering to stay in St. Petersburg cheaply and without any problems, many guests of the city on the Neva still prefer hotels. Hotels, like many mini-hotels, provide security guarantees - they are equipped with an alarm system and 24-hour security. Here, guests are waiting for the cleaned rooms and clean bedding, maid service, round the clock service and many additional services that are necessary for a comfortable stay - a restaurant and cafe on site, Internet access and much more. Minus - some fuss inherent in hotels with a large number of rooms, the feeling that you are not in a "comfortable home environment", but in a public place. Large hotels are located at a sufficient distance from the center (from Nevsky Prospekt, architectural ensembles of the central squares of St. Petersburg, popular walking places and pedestrian routes), and the surroundings of hotels are not the best for entertaining or romantic walking.

Prices - from 2 500 rubles for an economy class room to 8 000 - 8 500 rubles for a standard or comfortable double room in the summer season.

Comfortable accommodation - superior rooms, comfort, convenient location in the center, service level 4 and 5 .

Superior rooms 3 and 4 .

For lovers of comfort, there are always hotels offering accommodation in luxury or superior class rooms. Such rooms may consist of several rooms, for example, a bedroom and a hall. In addition to the standard furnishings that are in each room, there is always air conditioning, extra furniture, the bathroom can have a jacuzzi or a bath instead of a shower. Luxury rooms are furnished with great taste. There are rooms with increased comfort and in historically styled mini-hotels, art hotels.

Their cost is noticeably different from the standard class rooms - 1.5-2.5 times higher. This is not surprising, because, as is known, one has to pay for special comfort and atmosphere, and such an atmosphere, comfort and service are worth it. 4,000 - 6,000 rubles in the off-season, 6,000 - 10,000 rubles in the summer.

Hotels 4 . Hotels 5 .

There are in St. Petersburg many famous hotels of the category 4 and 5 stars. Some of them belong to the world famous brands and the service and the atmosphere in them correspond to the level supported by hotel chains in all their hotels around the world, they are recognizable and desirable by their regular customers everywhere. There are hotels in the center of St. Petersburg that are not belonging to hotel chains, but no less well-known, and in some ways exclusive. Comfort, service, prestige correspond to the highest level.

Prices. In the off-season number can be taken for 5,000 - 8,000 rubles per day, and in the summer tourist season the price per room starts from 8,000 - 10,000 rubles and can approach up to 50,000 rubles.

Inexpensive, economical accommodation, level 2 .
Hostels 2 
are demanded by groups of students or youth companies. Minimum conditions, but to the obscenely cheap prices. You should not expect anything more from a hostel than a bed in a room for 3-5 people and one bathroom for several clean and tidy rooms. Hostel in translation from English means - a hostel. Here you will meet with the romance of student life. The price depends on how many people the number is designed for - the more, the cheaper.
Prices - from 400 to 1 800 rubles for a place in a four, six or eight-bed room.

Apartments (apartments for rent) are popular among those for whom the main criterion for choosing a place is inexpensive accommodation, more Autonomous, more independent of the rules of residence and restrictions than, for example, in most hotels. You can find in advance or find an acceptable option on arrival in St. Petersburg. Already on the platform of the station guests of St. Petersburg offer to rent an apartment or a room in the center. As a rule, daily housing for rent with all necessary appliances and equipped kitchen. It is a convenient option, however, guarantees and security seem lower than, for example, in a hotel. Located such apartments may not be close to the center. Prices - from 2 000 to 2 500 rubles for a one-room apartment, from 2 500 to 5 500 rubles for a two-room, depend on the level of condition, the size of the apartment and the location relative to the center of St. Petersburg. Payment is made daily, as for a hotel room. Convenient for those who came for treatment with a child or the whole family - close to the usual home environment, autonomy will make the trip less burdensome.

In St. Petersburg, during the "high" tourist season, all the hotels are luxury hotels, expensive, cheap three-star hotels and mini-hotels are very popular among tourists coming from both Russia and abroad. At this time - from May to August - you can face the problem of having a free room in a suitable hotel. The influx of guests and tourists during children's holidays, holidays (New Year, November weekend, women's holiday in March) also increases. Therefore, it is worth taking care to book a room in advance and not get into a situation when there may not be a suitable free room or you have to choose from what remains free.

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