What if you want to dance, and everyone around you is sitting at tables with a lot of food or leaning on the shoulder with a wall? The answer is simple: go to another place, where your dancing skills, enthusiasm and courage will be appreciated. Dance with a view of the Church of the Savior on Blood, in an embrace with a pink flamingo or in the glow of gothic stained glass windows - until the morning.



On one of the busiest streets of the city is a bar, which regularly hosts cheerful parties, DJs perform, and guests dance until the morning. In the bar BELGRADE You can spend a great time with a big friendly company, celebrate the holiday and to get acquainted with interesting people.

str. Dumskaya, 9

Club Mosaique 18+

Mosaique ("Mosaic") is a club for those who appreciate high-quality electronic music in worthy frame. Here the best Russian and foreign DJs play, they pass presentation of new technology and house projects. The effect of music supplements and unusual visual accompaniment - a large-scale light installation of geometric figures.

Konyushennaya Square 2

Nightclub Stackenschneider 18+

Institution Stackenschneider ("Stackenschneider") bears the name of the famous Russian architect, and the tusovka here is appropriate: poets, artists, philosophers, photographers - in general, bohemian youth. So you can quite find interesting interlocutor and chat in the intervals between incendiary dances. Music in mostly electronic, often guest bands and DJs perform.

Konyushennaya Square , 2

Fashion club "Griboedov"

Club "Griboedov" - a place in the true sense of the underground. This is an underground center culture and recreation with a stage, a dance floor and a bar. The institution received different awards (for example, the title of "best drum'n'bass club"), enjoys love footballers "Zenith", Emir Kusturica and the band Franz Ferdinand. In addition to traditional for the clubs of electronic music, jazz and retro play here, solo concerts are held.

str. Voronezh, 2A

Mishka bar 18+

Despite the fame of a fashionable place, in the bar Mishka ("Mishka bar") is always simple and sincere: democratic prices, driving parties with the most diverse public, high-quality music. Behind the DJ remotes you can meet both the visiting celebrity, and the local creator, and even an acquaintance from a neighboring courtyard - they appreciate not regalia, but love for one's own business and the ability to light the dance floor.

Fontanka River, 40

Club MOD 18+

The name MOD ("MOD") is the abbreviation of the word "modernist" as oppositesall traditional, boring and stiff. The club justifies its name and does not get tired to surprise: here there are also bright parties with dances up to a fall, and performances of fashionable and not very musicians, and art exhibitions, and theatrical productions. At the institution has a bar, a summer terrace, a concert hall with a dance floor, a pizzeria and a mini- cinema.

channel Griboyedov, 7

Lomonosov Concept Bar 18+

One of the flagships of nightlife With the sunset the city comes to life, and nowhere does it feel so much as in Lomonosov Bar (Lomonosov Bar). Fans of night adventures will get everything here that the soul anything: karaoke, themed parties, club mixes, show programs and, of course, New acquaintances. The institution occupies just three floors, so there really is,where to clear up.

Lomonosov Str. 1

Club "Dance Floor"

"Dance Floor", the brainchild of owners of the Mishka bar, hides in the backyards of the courtyard Stables area behind the gate with a seal. The institution is very different from standard nightclubs, where they come to refuel and jump under the rolling music. Here, spacious, unusually a lot of greenery, serve drinks based on juices and they put unbroken music. The club is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Konyushennaya Square , 2a

Nightclub on the boat "Purga" 18+
Every day is the New Year!

Experienced partygoers pitching is not terrible, and only adds interest and piquancy what is happening. In the summer, the steamer "Purga" blows the guests along the waves of the Fontanka to the dazed spree with dances, Bengal lights, mummers, and other attributes of fun. In the rest of the time you can visit the stationary "Purga", which is also on the Fontanka embankment.

river Fontanka, d. 15, wharf

Club Estrada 18+
Karaoke Hall and nightclub in the center of St. Petersburg

Every weekend in the club Estrada (Estrada) is a small holiday. Here appreciate quality music, good cuisine, easy communication, arrange themed parties and memorable show programs. Estrada is proud of it powerful sound of 20 kilowatts and light effects - in the room installed 48 devices that provide a stunning visual range.

str. Sadovaya 17

Club Bar Soul Kitchen 18+

Soul Kitchen ("Soul Kitchen") presents a new format for St. Petersburg parties. Every guest is surrounded by care and attention, helps to relax and relieve tension after a day's work. You can sit quietly by the fireplace, cook something in the open kitchen, even go in search of the Secret Chamber. A If the soul asks for a holiday, run to the dance floor, meet and light!

Lomonosov Str. 1


Club Nebar 18+

Nebar ("Nebar") - this is really not a bar, not a restaurant and not a club, but just three in one. In the afternoon it is easy to drop in to eat something and gain strength, which will be needed at night. FROM in the dark, prepare to forget all conventions and prejudices: even the most shy ones fall away from the wall and dance on the bar, as in the last time.

Lomonosov street , 1.

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