Statues and bas-reliefs in a cloud of water spray. The main summer decoration of any city — fountains, including St. Petersburg. The sculpture in the flowing waters is an aesthetic sight, and in combination with the blue sky, summer heat and greenery — a real holiday among glass and concrete.

The most majestic fountains in Russia are collected in Peterhof. Peter's creation - the city of water jets is unique. It was created for two centuries. No pumps — the water arrives in a natural way with Ropshinsky heights channels with a length of 96 kilometers, the system of ponds and sluices. Four cascades and 173 fountains, the highest of which — "Samson, tearing the lion's mouth" — hits the sky with a water jet to a height of 20 meters. It is believed that the figure of Samson appeared in honor of the victory of Russian troops over the Swedes in the battle of Poltava.

Fountain "Friendship of peoples" (Druzhba narodov ) - originally "Golden sheaf" (Zolotoy snop) . Pearl ENEA. In Moscow, more than 250 fountains, but United by a common water pool, Golden girls in the outfits of the republics of the former USSR, perhaps the most touching. The prototype of the sculptural group was the Guryev service (Guryevskiy serviz) of the early 19TH century with gilded porcelain sculptures. Each of the republics has its own plant or fruit. Rye, sunflower, cotton, grapes, corn, flax — in the spirit of the agricultural exhibition.

"Fountain of tears" (Fontan slez) — Bakhchisarai. Sung by Pushkin "Selsebil" - the creation of the famous Iranian master Omer in memory of the early deceased beautiful dilara. Marble bowls are filled not with water, but with "tears" of the menacing Khan Krym-Giray, who mourned his young wife. A modest source Of the Khan's Palace, or rather, the history associated with its appearance, inspired many writers — Zhukovsky, Vyazemsky, Griboyedov. In the upper bowl of the fountain are always fresh flowers.

Muravyevsky fountain ( Muravyevskiy fontan) - with a resort history. The most powerful mineral spring in Europe. In the middle of the NINETEENTH century in Staraya Russa near Novgorod drilled a well for a new source and came across a natural fountain. The water was too salty and was not suitable for treatment, but the fountain became an ornament and a symbol of the city. Vacationers take away mugs and Souvenirs with his image. In 2002, the ant fountain appeared on a 10-ruble coin from the series "Ancient cities of Russia".

"Art" ( Iskusstvo) or" Friendship of peoples". Fountain on the Central embankment of Volgograd more than half a century. The sculptural composition of three dancing girls in folk costumes has a world-famous prototype-choreographic ensemble "Berezka". The fountain by sculptor Sergei Aleshin was installed in 1957, and in the late twentieth century, the girls, frozen in dance, added lighting, and water drawing was accompanied by music.

Fountain, made by the fable of Lafontaine. "The girl with the jug," ( Devushka s kuvshinom ) or" Thrush" (Molochnitsa). The only sculpture specially created for the Catherine Park. The work of the famous sculptor Pavel Sokolov cast in the workshop of the Imperial Academy of arts. During the war, when the Germans approached the town of Pushkin, a bronze statue was buried in the ground, and the fountain was not damaged. Now the original " Thrush "is in the exposition of the Russian Museum, and over the broken jug" grieves " copy.

Fountain "Thumbelina" (Dyuymovochka) - a fairy tale at the children's theater. It is part of the architectural ensemble of the Voronezh puppet theater. Bronze girl surrounded by fish, seashells and algae runs fun under the water.
After the opening of the fountain in the 1980s, he worked for a short time, and the sculpture lay for 20 years in the pantry of the puppet Theater. In 2007, the fountain was repaired, and the fabulous appearance of the Teatralnaya square was restored.

Europe that looks at the Yenisei. On the Bridge square of Krasnoyarsk is a fountain "Abduction of Europe" ( Pokhishcheniye Yevropy). The mythical story about the beautiful daughter of the Phoenician king, who was kidnapped by Zeus, turning into a bull, inspired the creation of a bronze composition of sculptors Alexander Tkachuk and Vitaly Osmushkin. The fountain was established in 2004 - since then the Central square of Krasnoyarsk became for citizens one of favourite places for walks.

The fountain as a Declaration of love to the city. In Feodosia there are two fountains dedicated to Ivan Aivazovsky. The fountain in the form of the Eastern pavilion literally saved the townspeople in the dry summer of 1887, when water was delivered by barrels from Sevastopol. The Mariner gave his native city a source of Subash, which was in his estate under The old Crimea. The fountain of Constantinople became the prototype for Theodosius fountain. At the source hung a mug with the inscription"for the health of Aivazovsky and his family."

"Girl-mycelium" (Devochka-gribnitsa) - unsinkable fountain near Moscow Wedge. The sculpture was cast at the Kasli factory for the ancient manor of Zolino. Its author — Fedor Kamensky before the revolution emigrated to the United States, and this is one of the few of his surviving works. In 1917, the "bourgeois" sculpture was thrown into the pond, and in 1935 it was called "Alyonushka" and installed on the square. After an attempt to pass the sculpture in scrap metal had to put a copy of it, and the original transferred to The Museum.

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