In May, St. Petersburg celebrates its next birthday, and the festive program promises to be rich.

Petersburg was founded on May 27, 1703, but this year the holiday date falls on working Monday. Therefore, all the most interesting and spectacular will be arranged the day before, on the weekend from 25 to 26 May. We already know about some of the planned events. On May 25, the parade of retrotransport and the exhibition of historic cars on Inzhenernaya Street will take place in St. Petersburg. The program will also include new items: an exposition of innovative equipment, as well as a skill contest among bus drivers. The transport theme will continue the "Large Bike Parade" in the morning on May 26. Then the relay will go from two-wheeled vehicles to floating: in the territory of the Peter and Paul Fortress will organize the festival Anyships. Guests are offered a variety of entertainment with a sea flavor - from the exhibition of yachts and boats to the flyboard show. The festive weekend will be completed by the concert “Classic on Palace”.

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