Bicycle tourism is one of the directions of modern tourism, which allows you to know Russia, its majestic nature on the other side. Select the best places for a similar trip is very difficult, as the country is rich in beautiful landscapes, mesmerizing landscapes and unique architectural monuments. Therefore, the readers of the site are rated 5 the most popular destinations for bike tours throughout Russia.



"Golden Ring" - the beauty of the oldest cities

A colossal demand among cyclists enjoys a route that includes a whole the canvas of cities that are located in the zone of the "Golden Ring". What is the reason for this? At first, as the distance traveled, the incredible pictures of the travelers come to life, breathtaking sunsets, harmony and privacy with the surrounding world. Pine burs and birch copses, golden fields and untouched virgin fields - all these are beautiful images of our vast homeland, which become available to all tourists.

And secondly, during cycling trips, you can enjoy architectural masterpieces the most ancient Russian cities, among which Suzdal, Kostroma and Uglich. It is not worthwhile to ignore Yaroslavl and Vladimir.

On average, the cycle tour of the Golden Ring of Russia takes about 10 days, which will require travelers have a lot of physical training, because, despite all the appearance of lightness trips, "pedaling" is quite difficult and exhausting.

Pushkin's Mountains - in the footsteps of the great Russian poet

Lovers and connoisseurs of Russian poetry should go on a bicycle tour along the route, which leads from the Pushkin Mountains to an amazing city - Pskov. This route is laid along the bright, original city - Izborsk, which will introduce tourists to such famous sights like "Truvorovo hillfort", Malskie lakes and St. Nicholas Church.

In addition, bike travelers have a unique opportunity to get to know each other better with monuments of wooden architecture, to appreciate the beauty of Orthodox architecture. Well, certainly, to visit the key places in which he created and wrote his best masterpieces a talented writer - Alexander Pushkin.

Tolvajarvi is an amazing Karelian reserve

Great is Russia on its territory. Striking with its beauty and scenery and natural Parks, and sanctuaries that allow vacationers to escape from the worldly bustle and immerse themselves in harmony of the surrounding world.

One of the most amazing and beautiful places on the territory of the Republic of Karelia Tolvajärvi sanctuary is located on the very border with Finland. Landscape the complex is striking with the phenomenality of its nature. The main subject of interest here Tolvajärvi lakes are considered to be truly unique. The peculiarity of these seemingly nothing remarkable reservoirs is that with increasing wind, as well as with the smallest It is possible to observe an amazing phenomenon - the flow of water from one lake in other.

Will please Karelia and other bright sights. Cycling to the plain waterfall Kivach will allow you to relax and enjoy the trip itself. The waterfall is considered the second to the size of the water cascade throughout Europe, which only adds significance to the chosen route. Pleasure and a unique resort "Marcial Waters".

Mari El - unity with nature

Well, the rating of the best places for cycling tourism is finished - the city of Mari El. Conquer it The settlement is quite simple, because most of the routes run along flat territories and capture forest tracts in the form of pine forests. Present in front of cyclists and picturesque flood meadows, small lakes and majestic rivers that striking with their harmonious view and spectacular landscapes that are left an indelible mark in the soul of travelers.

Baikal - embrace the "immense"

Of course, it is impossible to imagine cycling tourism without such direction as the Urals, Altai and Baikal. It is here that you can come into contact with an untouched person, a virgin nature. But the main advantage of riding a bicycle in these areas is that, that it is possible to reach those places which can not be found in any automobile or excursion route.

Is it possible to embrace the immensity? Of course, the main thing is to approach the trip correctly. Cycling should start from the Primorsky range, where you can get acquainted with the flora and fauna of the Russian taiga. Stretched this massif along the southwestern side of Lake Baikal. Further, having overcome this obstacle, the route will lead tourists to the Tazheran steppe, which is cut by ravines, hollows and salty lakes. Here you can contemplate the beauty of Baikal in all its greatness.

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