Fireplaces and stoves became an integral part of St. Petersburg houses due to the cold and damp climate. Regardless of the place, be it a front door or a palace, the decoration of almost every one of them is an artistic work. In our material we have tried to show the most sophisticated and striking antiques.

Ancient fireplaces and stoves, which can be seen in St. Petersburg

House of the insurance company "Russia"

The building was erected in 1905–1907 by the architects A. A. Gimpel and V. V. Ilyashev. The first floor was taken as a retail space, in particular, before the revolution there was a music store “Ya. Becker. Pianos and grand pianos. ” On the second and third floors are located the offices of the insurance company, and above - residential apartments. A spectacular and textured look to the building was given by a combination of black, red and light grayish-pink stone. Experts note the unusual lining of the first floor, for which they used blocks of red gangut granite.

A large number of ceramic stoves made in factories in Russia, Germany and Finland, and multi-colored floors with various patterns have been preserved in the interiors of the house. According to the legend, the decorations in the parade based on different seasons were created with the personal participation of Nikolai Roerich himself - a Russian artist and mystic philosopher.

After the 1917 revolution, various state institutions, such as the LandRevebumtrest and Snabcontora, were placed in the building. At the moment there is a museum and exhibition center "Rosfoto".


m. Admiralteyskaya, Bolshaya Morskaya, 35

Palace of Grand Duke Vladimir Alexandrovich

Since 1920, the palace became known as the House of Scientists. Here it was possible to preserve in its original form all the interiors of the palace, the pomp of the decorations of the ceremonial halls, the majesty of the grand prince's cabinets.

One of the highlights of the place is the Moorish boudoir, where there is an exquisite fireplace with oriental ornaments and decorations. It is made of Italian marble designed by M. Mesmacher in the workshop of E. Ruggia and S. Maderni.

By the way, another fireplace can be found in the Oak Hall, whose interior has remained virtually unchanged. The walls of the dining room are covered with stucco, skillfully imitating oak carving, thanks to which the appearance of the hall reminds of the traditional national art of patterned decoration of village huts. A bright fireplace immediately attracts attention with its patterns and unusual decoration.


Dvortsovaya Emb., 26

Menshikov Palace

At the Menshikov Palace, which is everywhere decorated with Delft ceramics, you should pay special attention.

One of the stoves is in the bedroom of Varvara Mikhailovna Arsenieva, Alexander Menshikov's sister-in-law. The tiled stove has a tiered form, like most of the palace furnaces of the time. But the uniqueness is that each individual tile represents a whole picture, and the tiles are combined into a single composition with frames and rosettes formed by their corners.


Universitetskaya Emb., 15

St. Petersburg City Palace of Youth

In Anichkov Palace, in the former boudoir of Empress Maria Feodorovna, a painted tiled stove was preserved.

The lining of the furnace is reproduced according to the sketch of M. Mesmacher by his students. Based on the idea of ​​the author, the chimney is decorated with a large panel of tiles, and antique motifs dominate in the painting.


Nevsky, 39 / nab. Fontanka River, 37

Kelch Mansion (House Lawyer)

Here, the Renaissance, the Gothic and the Rococo have merged together, and the interior decoration is striking at first sight: Italian marble, refined stucco, carved wood, unique sculptures, bronze candelabra, unusual stained glass windows - and all this in Kelch mansion.

There is also a chic fireplace here: it is located in the White Hall, made of light gray Italian marble, created by Maria Lvovna Dillon - the first woman in Russia to graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts in the class of sculpture. The incomparable bas-relief of the fireplace “Awakening of Spring” emphasizes the sophistication of the whole composition.


Tchaikovsky Street, 28

Children's library of history and culture of St. Petersburg

The main pride of the House and the most famous majolica fireplace by the artist MA Vrubel - “Volga and Mikula Selyaninovich” - is located here.

The very first version of the fireplace in this story was made in the Abramtsevo workshop for the Paris exhibition in 1900 by M. A. Vrubel and P. K. Vaulin. Kamin received a gold medal at the exhibition. The very first copy, apparently, was sold, its traces are lost. And Muscovites from various museums and employees of the Museum-Reserve Abramtsevo , where there are collapsible panels on this subject, often come to the fireplace in the library. There is a panel in the Russian Museum. But the color scheme, with a general plot, is completely different. The fireplace in the house Bazhanov details in the plot most. You can distinguish numerous variations on the faces of the Sirin birds. They are all different. This is most likely one of the most recent works by Vaulin and it was not made in Abramtsevo, but here near Petersburg in his workshop around 1909.


Marata Street, 72

House of bourgeois society

In addition to palaces, you can find old fireplaces and stoves in exquisite ceramic finishes and in ordinary St. Petersburg ceremonies.

One of the finest copies of the stoves is located in the House of the bourgeois society, built on the Fontanka embankment in 1910 according to the design of the architect N.K. Pryanishnikov.

The front door is decorated with a tiled stove, the decoration is made of dark blue glazed ceramic tiles, and the facade is decorated with a decor in the form of embossed floral ornament.


Fontanka River Emb., 86–88

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